Letters to the Editor

Adding up the Trump effect

Donald Trump, a-year-behind-me college classmate, has captured the nation’s attention in a calculating way. These are some calculations in an attempt to reduce the Republican candidate for the highest office of the Lower 48 plus two to the lowest common denominator:

16/32 Xenophobia: building a wall along the southern border to keep Hispanics out and banning all Muslims from entering America.

8/16 Unrestraint: pandering to fear and bigotry that has the effect of exacerbating the racial and ethnic divide and triggering polarizing incidents between police and African-Americans.

4/8 Spontaneity: knee-jerk reactions in lieu of thoughtful responses expected from responsible leadership.

2/4 Personal infallibility and vanity: When queried about his lack of foreign policy experience, he responded that he has a great brain.

1/2 Pathological narcissism: entitles the candidate to say and respond any way he pleases, without filters.

What will happen when pathological narcissism, tempered with political naivete and unrestrained spontaneity, clashes with Kim Jong-un of North Korea and his ally China or Vladmir Putin? Would it leave us under a cloud — a nuclear mushroom one?

Stuart Tobin