Letters to the Editor

Stand with Sinnette

Did you read the news report that Gov. Matt Bevin bullied state Rep. Kevin Sinnette? This is more proof that the Tea Party will do anything to take away the rights, property and benefits you worked hard for all your life.

Since the Republican Party died and became the Tea Party, we have learned just what its followers want: total control of the working class, poor and elderly so we can have nothing. They will bully, threaten and lie to scare us, to make us do what they want.

According to The Daily Independent of Ashland and the Herald-Leader, Bevin called Sinnette and reporter Ronnie Ellis liars. Bevin and the Tea Party know all about lying.

I knew Sinnette’s dad, Judge Charlie Sinnette, well; he raised his kids to be honest and to stand up for the truth, as he did. Kentuckians must stand with Kevin Sinnette and all Democrats who are working to protect us from this rogue Tea Party.

We will have a bad governor until the next election, so we must try our best to protect the elderly, poor, working class and students. The only way to do that is to elect Democrats in all state and federal elections.

Fred Ramey