Letters to the Editor

Headed toward Armageddon

I have to take issue with a recent letter writer on how much class Michelle Obama has.

She made a statement that seemed to say that the first time she fell in love with this country was when her husband was a leading candidate for president. She had to be bribed into loving this country. Now isn’t that classy?

Michelle Obama has about as much class as Hillary Clinton. When Bill Clinton’s term ended and they were leaving the White House, they tried to take some furniture with them, saying they were gifts to them, not donations. Now that is classy.

President Richard Nixon resigned for telling one lie to the American people. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to the grand jury and obstructing justice. Hillary Clinton is a habitual liar.

We have had eight years of incompetence; please let’s not have more. Don’t let Hillary Clinton become president. President Barack Obama has been a disaster, and Clinton is Armageddon.

Doyle Glass