Letters to the Editor

Reject liberal hypocrisy

President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other liberals, as well as their eager allies in the news media, are criticizing Donald Trump for stating that maybe the Russians could help the FBI recover 30,000 emails from Clinton’s server.

She had these e-mails destroyed since she said they were personal and only involved such items as discussions of the wedding plans for her daughter.

If these emails are only personal and not incriminating as she claims, she should welcome their release to remove any doubt that she has something to hide.

The liberals criticizing Trump say that it would be wrong if the Russians, or another nation that had such emails, released them to influence the upcoming election.

What hypocrisy.

I heard not one word of protest or condemnation when Obama went to Great Britain before their recent election and had the gall to try to tell their voters how they should vote regarding continued membership in the European Union. The Obama administration also spoke against the reelection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; however, he was reelected.

I certainly hope that U.S. voters are smart enough, as those in Britain and Israel are, to not follow Obama’s advice.

Bruce K. Parsley