Letters to the Editor

Museum unwise state investment

The amount of confidence the Creation Museum has in itself is startling. To know without doubt that God exists is certainly something to scoff at.

You might think, “Oh look, another God-hating atheist,” but I am, in fact, agnostic. I do recognize the possibility of a deity of some sort existing, but I am unsure what form it takes.

Due to this, I must question how the museum creator can be so undoubtedly invested in something that could easily be a simple fairytale meant to warn children of different vices, similar to other folklore such as “Little Red Riding Hood.”

The entire idea of a the museum would seem a viable option for those who wish to study religion; however, since the place merely encompasses one belief, it is not something our state should have to waste any resources on.

It takes away money from the state to put into a glorified nativity scene. It spits on the Constitution; it chokes my beliefs.

Zaynab Khan