Letters to the Editor

AG ruling on illegal dumping makes no sense

An ordinary citizen reading that the Kentucky attorney general found no grounds for criminal charges against those who participated in the illegal dumping of almost 2,000 tons of radioactive fracking waste in Estill County over a five-month period in 2015 would have a hard time understanding his conclusion.

An ordinary citizen might imagine what the conclusion would have been if it had been his home or the home of a neighbor that had been assaulted.

What if neighbor A knew that a company was planning to illegally dump large amounts of cancer-causing material on the property of neighbor B, that the dumping began and continued over a five month period, and during this time neighbor A never told neighbor B.

When an ordinary citizen looks in his dictionary he finds these definitions:

Illegal: prohibited by law.

Criminal: involving, or having the nature of a crime.

Crime: an act committed in violation of a law forbidding it.

How would Neighbor B feel when he appealed to legal authorities and was told that neither neighbor A nor the parties involved in the illegality were guilty of any crime?

Robert W. Shaffer