New political mandate: Do what you want, see who dies

Larry Webster
Larry Webster

Britannia may rule the waves, but America waives the rules.

Where is Joe McCarthy when you need him?

He would have Donald Trump hauled before the Un-American Activities Committee on suspicion of being a Russian spy. They would threaten to execute Melania if he didn’t confess.

We are getting confused here. Russian sympathizers equals leftists to us old New Dealers. But then Russia decides to get in American politics and lines up with the right. Carl and Anne are turning over in their graves.

In Kentucky, a couple generations of progress was repealed in a weekend by the thoughtful legislature, led by Jeff Hoover, who can get a lot of that stuff done because he is the nicest guy in the world. In Kentucky, if you get knocked up, you are just flat knocked up.

Dammit, Greg Stumbo, why didn’t you just go ahead and move back to Prestonsburg in time for the election? Dammit, the rest of you Democrats for standing for absolutely no ideas, not low-calorie Republican. Lukewarm gets spewed, and so ye did.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, we are changing course. The rich aren’t so much complaining that they are not rich enough, but it’s just that they now want political power equal to their wealth.

So in the last few years they bought what they needed and also got lucky in two other respects, one being that the current president is black, mostly, and the Democratic nominee for president was not very sexy and said “families and children” too much. They carried Moscow, the most important precinct in any future presidential election.

So now, as Donald Rumsfeld would say, we don’t know what we don’t know. Billionaires don’t have to fill out their papers and send them in, so we will have a government run by people whose only known trait is a remarkable ability to make money.

What we do know is that we are returning to power a political party whose last chance consisted of blowing up the economy, running up the deficit, destroying the Middle East and — until they could get a second chance to mess things up — standing athwart the rails of progress and making the train come to a halt.

This bunch is quite willing to interpret getting 3 million fewer votes than your opponent as a mandate. A mandate to let another country run your foreign policy, because the Bible tells us so.

Religion is never more dangerous than when it is the basis of a country’s foreign policy. If the Bible teaches that people can steal land from other people and subject them to occupation, then the Trumpists maybe ought to read another book.

A mandate to let evolution run rampant. Let people get sick with no treatment and see who dies. See who will work for nothing and who won’t, and see who dies. Take the immoral side of a bitter dispute in the Middle East and see who dies.

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