Curious twist in old-timer Carroll’s political voyage

Julian Carroll
Julian Carroll

When you think about it, what state Sen. Julian Carroll is alleged to have requested seems like reasonable compensation for getting somebody in art school. Not everybody can get in art school. It’s not like Centre. If you can’t draw good and want to go to art school you might have to call your senator, who because you are going to art school, will make certain assumptions about you.

Even if you were gay that doesn’t necessarily mean you would want to fool with an old man. The kind of people who fool with old men are more often old women, or young women who want money.

It doesn’t much matter whether or not Julian did that. It’s on him now and will be. He ought to claim he did, whether he did or not, and take Robin Webb to court and get the Supreme Court to say that gay people have just as much right to proposition and grope as all those people only partially gay.

It looked like for a long time that we would only remember Billy Joe Miles for being chairman of the University of Kentucky board during the university’s dark ages. Those of us who were unfamiliar with him before then could only imagine the pot full of money he must have gotten to some governors to get to be chairman of the board. Really good seats. Right behind the bench. Box on the 50?

Now, the elderly Miles, said by his attorneys to be so mentally infirm he cannot understand whether or not he raped somebody, will be tried like Cosby was, in public view.

We will be reminded that cases alleging sex crimes sometimes are difficult. Reasonable doubt permeates such cases, but usually when a man wins one it is because women on the jury do not believe other women’s testimony. When the right achieves its agenda, public bathrooms will be subject to patrol and camera and those seated whose feet are too wide apart will be arrested and thrown off a building. The First Amendment will continue to protect their right to scratch their phone numbers on the wall over the toilet paper.

Whether it be state senator or county party chairman, those accused of groping or wide-footing must resign to cleanse our government. Would it be curious that Julian Carroll, governor of Kentucky for five years back when government was generally for sale, that is to say, pre-John Y., would lose his 60-year political career because somebody said he grabbed them 12 years ago?

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