GOP attacking each other more than winning political wars

Creators Syndicate

I must applaud the passing of the new tax bill. I think it is a great and wonderful thing. The tax bill doesn’t change my perception of the group that passed it, but it does give them a different look. A broken watch that gets it right twice a day looks good at the moment, but it is still a broken watch.

The worst group ever in the history of mankind has to be the Republicans now in office. Although a group, by definition, has a common interest, these Republicans often seem to be working for opposite interests. A common interest can be difficult to find with them. Groups also, by definition, interact with each other and share some common characteristics. These Republicans do interact, but more often as adversaries rather than as partners.

True, there is a big difference between a group and a team. Many teams, which should share a common purpose and goal, often fail to do so. That is not unusual, it happens all the time. The Democrats now in office seem to be united in opposition. Many Democrats I know do not realize that to truly belong to their party means being in love with abortion, supporting open borders with all that involves, and being staunchly committed to all things concerning global warming. They are really just united in opposition.

Still, they are not the worst group ever in the history of mankind.

Attila and his Huns made up quite a group. Likewise with Genghis Khan and the Mongols. Both groups were considered warlike, determined and not to be trifled with at all. Washington D.C., and the politics of government is a war — whether we like it or not. The Huns and the Mongols left no doubt as to whether they had one purpose in mind. Nobody can accuse them of being a poor excuse for a group. In fact, they may have reached team status in how well they worked together.

Another impressive group is the United States Marine Corps. It is known for not leaving anyone behind. Once a Marine, always a Marine — or at least, that is the saying. Its esprit de corps is legendary, and many groups aspire to reach that level of supporting each other, reveling in belonging. The Marines are an excellent example of pride and common loyalty in a group.

The current Republicans, on the other hand, are a good example of what a group should not be. Whenever you hear one of them saying, “I can’t support it,” one thinks why not? Never before have you spoken out on anything of any import, but now you can’t help yourself.

Whenever you hear one of them saying, “I’m concerned about the cost,” one thinks: Since when? All these years, many have never expressed any thoughts about cost on anything, but now, all of a sudden, they become accountants. Most informed people see right through it.

The worst may be when leaders state they can’t vote for one another, they will have to write-in John Doe, because of their character. Since when did they become such paragons of virtue? Whole political careers have been known for lack of character and ethical shortcomings. And now they have to make a stand? It just does not ring true.

The current Republicans remind me of the Keystone Kops. They are very good at shooting themselves in the foot. They are accomplished at setting up circular firing squads. They are buffoonery and incompetence personified.

There is another term that applies to this worst of all groups. I do not recall ever using it to refer to anything. They are weak-kneed and lily-livered. They are like some of the cowboys from the old Wild West. It seems as soon as any opposition hits, they fold their cards and run away — anything to avoid a fight, while not realizing they are involved in a war.

Their first instinct seems to be to attack one another, instead of the opposition. If it weren’t so sad, it would be pitiful.

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