Primary takeaways: Beshear’s brand? Last chance for Adam? The Democrat of the future?

Here’s what Andy Beshear told supporters after winning the Democratic gubernatorial primary

Andy Beshear speaks to supporters after winning the Kentucky Democratic gubernatorial primary at the C2 Event Venue in Louisville.
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Andy Beshear speaks to supporters after winning the Kentucky Democratic gubernatorial primary at the C2 Event Venue in Louisville.

Rocky Adkins dispelled the notion, popular in Rowan County, that being a point guard for Morehead will get you a lot of attention. He also proved that you cannot spend years as an apologist for strip mining and later years as a pro-lifer and be nominated as a Democrat. Those kinds of positions might help you in the fall, but in a primary among Democrats, the active of whom appear to favor a system like Denmark or Iceland, you don’t stand a chance, even if you do make a passable ‘G run’ on that Martin.

Politics in most places is now a matter of brands. The Beshear brand, built on a politics of esoteric stunts and old timey fund raising, sold well in cities and in what used to be and may now be again, Western Kentucky. What most people say about Andy is that they just don’t think he looks much like his father but must favor his mother.

If being elected Governor is going to be the capstone of some rich guy’s career, you can expect a pretty good governor. If, however, the Governorship is seen as a mere step on the way up, then you can probably expect a relentless quest for mediocrity, a struggle to navigate correct positions on the political fad then current.

Matt Bevin paid a price which may go up, for not sucking up, well, not much, except to Trump, but you gotta do what you gotta do and if acting like Trump can get you elected, Gov. B can merely comb forward, tint it the color of the sun going down over Coal Run, and plaster. Run around and say wild stuff.

The teachers will march like the Unsullied against Bevin and that is because they do not like the way that he is trying to pay for their pensions, pensions unfunded, yet awarded unto them by Democrats who could so depend on the vote of teachers that it was easier to ignore the mounting pension debt than to have to cut something else to pay it.

The Democrat of the future sort of has her brand going and used to be Miss something, America, if I remember right. It takes a lot of sense to be Miss America. You have to answer those questions just right. But, lets be clear. She did not enter one of those Donald Trump beauty contests and thereby avoided a lot of unpleasant stuff. After her contest days, Heather French Henry went on to advance the cause of veterinarians. She has done more for veterinarians than almost anybody. She got more votes Tuesday than anybody and is running against a Cro-Magnon, a regular Cro-Magnon and not a J.D. Crowe Magnon.

Adam may get one more bite of the apple before being cast out of the political garden. Three bites yer out. We did like his daddy, who maybe ought to have been the candidate himself. The middle Edelen was the most progressive of the Democrat contenders. In the mountains we used to take money and buy whisky to win elections. Edelen’s running mate sold whisky and used the money to try and buy an election. My, how times has changed.

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After winning the Republican nomination in his re-election bid, Gov. Matt Bevin said he and Democrat Andy Beshear will offer Kentucky voters a "very clear and distinct choice to make."