‘Bringing more art to more people in more places.’ Here’s how you can help.

LexArts is in a race to the finish in the 2019 Fund for the Arts campaign and we are asking for your support by June 30.

LexArts provides annual grants and allocations to over 40 artists and arts organizations every year, adding richness, vitality and livability to Lexington. We support LexArts because of this, and, as importantly, because the arts in Lexington create a $32 million economic impact, generate $3.2 million in local and state tax revenues, and support over 1,200 jobs.

As of today, the campaign has raised $962,052, or 81% of the ultimate goal of $1.15 million.

In order to contend with Lexington’s pension crisis, the city of Lexington has reduced LexArts’ allocation by $73,000. Our hope is that the generosity of our civic and business community will help to close this newly-created gap in funding.

We have had the great pleasure of serving as co-chairs of the 2019 Fund for the Arts campaign. Each of us has supported the arts for many years, yet we continue to be amazed at the breadth and depth of LexArts’ impact in our community. They are bringing more art to more people in more places. But it doesn’t happen without the support of many.

As Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” We must come together collectively to continue to grow the arts. Every gift, large or small, matters. And every gift is needed this year.

Our city is all the richer because of the arts and LexArts, and the artists and arts organizations it serves, need and deserve our support. Please consider a gift by June 30 to this year’s Fund for the Arts campaign.

Suzanne Elliott, Jim Elliott, Jill Hall Rose and Fran Taylor are co-chairs of the 2019 Fund for the Arts Campaign.