I didn’t go to the Trump Jr. rally either. But here’s my guess on what got said.

Donald Trump Jr. spoke to a mostly-empty arena in Pikeville Thursday hoping to bolster support for Gov. Matt Bevin’s reelection.
Donald Trump Jr. spoke to a mostly-empty arena in Pikeville Thursday hoping to bolster support for Gov. Matt Bevin’s reelection. wwright@herald-leader.com

A young man(nequin) in nice clothes and slicked back hair like even some around here wear came to Pikeville, the self-declared Capital of the Hillbilly Nation, Thursday past and got up in an auditorium. “Ort to tore ‘em,” he must have thought as he looked up to see those he really looks down on. Oh, they were there and fairly glad to be, but would rather see Lynrd Skynrd.

What kind of people would, on a nice late summer day, sit there right in the middle of what used to be a river to see from a distance the son of the President three wives ago?

Generally speaking, it was people who hate education and like a good lie, and whose views are shaped by an Australian television station. To be fair to the uneducated, they know just as much about civics and what America really means as the educated. Neither is being taught it.

Then there were all the people who now treat politics like sports. Shirts and skins. Red and Blue. Pick you a team and do not think too much or you will be encumbered by principle.

But, specifically, some folks at the Trump rally were coal miners, but since there are a great deal fewer of them now than there was three years ago, and because a lot have died of progressive massive fibrosis, and because some did not have gas money because high finance took their payday in a bankrupt court–because of all that the miners who did show up had to be even louder in support of the young man’s dad. They simply cannot forgive Hillary Clinton for telling them the truth.

I did not get to hear the speech. I just assume that Young Trump explained that people ought not be bothered by a President who permanently separates parents who came here illegally years ago from their terminally ill babies, who are American citizens. I suppose my local friends who rallied just thought, “Well, those babies were going to die soon, anyway.”

Like I say, I wasn’t there, but I was close enough to spit on it all, but that would be a federal crime, or I would have spat.

There were probably prohibitionists watching Young Trump at the Expo Center and cheering because the elder Trump’s tariffs are going to destroy the whisky business in Kentucky. That also appeals to supporters of the hemp/oil/pseudo pot industry, which will no doubt soon belong to Wall Street high rollers, which the Trumps call “our base”.

But the Dazzler mainly explained some new things about his dad that a lot of the crowd had not heard, because of the old man’s innate modesty, like that he cured a dog of cancer, and had invented Red Bull. He pointed out that his Dad has excellent credit and that they could too if they could simply get a Russian oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin to co-sign.

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