Should we re-elect Trump to speed up the imminent failure of our democracy?

I do not claim to be the first to predict the failure of democracy, and I only did it after it happened. No, if you are to believe Plutarch, one of his fellow ancient Greeks, Lycurgus, being asked why he, who in other respects appeared to be so zealous for the equal rights of men, did not make his government democratic rather than an oligarchy, replied: “Go you and try a democracy in your own house.”

We tried it and screwed it up in short order. If the fathers of our country could see their creation now they would probably feel like the engineer on the Titanic: Sinking because of design error.

We are inaugurating Presidents who got beat by three million votes in the election. We have vouchsafed to the majority leader of the Senate the power to determine who is on the Supreme Court and whether any law at all gets passed.

If you give Montana two Senators and California two, you are giving a Montana voter forty times more, as we would say in the mountains, pull. You cannot amend the Constitution to change that, or to allow gun control, unless all those powerful states with no people decide to give up their power.

So the quandary is this: Do we promote Trump on the condition that his reelection might speed the destruction of our country and we could try some other system? It is fairly easy to descend to his level, to hate all that he hates, to substitute prejudice for principle, to defend his errors.

Larry Webster

Plus, being for Trump would make one feel less guilty. I feel guilty now because predictions of a recession make me real happy. Stock market plunges over two or three days are like tonic and I feel awful when it cheers me that farmers are having to eat their soybeans under the leadership of their Chosen One. Nothing outside of grandchildren is more satisfying than a stock market plunge of two or three days. Auto plants moving to another country. My response to the hurricane of the week is “We tried to warn you, Alabama, about global warming.” We just hope FEMA runs out of money. Hurrah for gas price hikes. Kim Jung Il shoots a missile farther than the last. Nice work Kim. Don’t budge, Iran.

It has gotten so bad that we hope Britain collapses under Boris Johnson, because he sort of acts like Trump. Both plaster their hair, Trump’s to stay on and cover, and Johnson’s carefully designed and painstakingly maintained to look like he doesn’t design and maintain his hair. Brittania’s unruly waves.

We used to wonder why Sen. McConnell could announce under the last President that he would prefer the failure of his country to having to govern in harmony with a President who did get the most votes. Sadly, we no longer wonder.

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