Impeachment outcome would never be in doubt. But, oh, what a trial it would be.

When Obama was President, they told of an old man, in Corbin I think it was, who declared that he had lived a long time and seen so much. He said they put a man on the moon. They carry telephones around in their pockets and take pictures on them. But the one thing he never thought he would see in his lifetime was a President of the United States... from Hawaii.

As one who has been alive about 22% of the life of this nation, the one thing I never thought I would live to see is... Guiliani doing a perp walk. When one get too old to dream of conquest, there are occasional pleasant dreams of Rudy in an orange jump suit with “Riker’s Island” stenciled across the back.

I’d better enjoy this while I can. Trump will pardon Guiliani quicker than you can say Ukraine without putting the “The” in front of Ukraine like you are supposed to.

Guiliani got his start as a federal prosecutor, gaining national attention to himself by the public humiliation of Wall Street types and then went on to glorious and relentless prosecution of people who littered and broke windows and stuff. Then he was Mayor during the attacks.

At the Trial of the Century, Rudy will be both a witness for the House, but the President’s Roy Cohnish lawyer as well. No trial, nor conflict in history will gain more coverage than the one in which right before the election the President of the United States will be found not guilty by the Republican Senate because of reasonable doubt.

Guiliani will have a suitcase full of pardons to hand out to witnesses against Trump on their way out of the Senate/courthouse. That is, if anybody is brave enough to take the stand and tell the truth at the risk of being hunted down and shot as spies by a red-hat.

Will Trump take the Fifth? Or is it more likely that he will he get on the stand and announce that he is indeed guilty of all that Mueller stuff and all that The Ukraine stuff, and much more to come and the Republican jury will say they don’t believe his confession because he is such a liar?

The outcome of the Impeachment Trial will never be in doubt. But when he is acquitted, Trump will, O.J. like, claim that proves he didn’t do it.

As for the public, 43% say they simply don’t care what the President does, except they would like to see him protect foreign countries from the Biden family and get to the bottom of the Hillary e-mails.

But 43% is usually enough to win an election in a democracy.

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