Not Davis, Bevin or Gooch, person of year is ...

Tom Salyer, Johnson County Schools chief
Tom Salyer, Johnson County Schools chief

In order to select the 2015 Person of the Year, one must consult his biases.

One whose bias is that marriage is a holy sacred institution of two or three years might be tempted to name Clerk Davis of the Rowan County Court, just as Time magazine was said to be considering her.

Now that her union is more stable because she finally found a person of the opposite sex who looks good in bib overalls, we can forgive her serial monogamy of the past. People who marry a lot are optimists.

People who are true-blue Democrats might propose Rep. Jim Gooch as Person of the Year, because in the last week of the year he switched to Republican, considerably raising the intelligence level of the Democratic Party, and giving the GOP yet another climate-change denier in the past year — the wettest, hottest, coldest and most windy on record, as four of the last 10 years have been.

The ocean is swallowing up Miami Beach, and who gives a darn about that. Christmas was plagued with sweat bees and that is better than slush.

Another obvious choice is Donald Trump, whom we can thank for warding off another Bush and correctly pointing out Carly Fiorina’s appearance. Somebody had to do that.

Not only that, he is the current front runner for the Republican nomination and suggested on stage that a single-payer health insurance program like they have in Europe might be his “terrific” alternative to Obamacare.

What about Jordan Smith, who brought melody to the overweight and unconventional, and left Harlan alive and came back rich.

Why not Matt Bevin, who is taking back the two things Steve Beshear did as governor?

When Brereton Jones was governor he did four things and Paul Patton took them all back. Now Bevin is unpardoning the errant, casting the poor who are sick to the wolves of capitalism, lowering the minimum wage for some and trading posts in his administration to get rid of House Speaker Greg Stumbo, who made a good speech on election night but didn’t know when to shut up.

But the winner is: Tom Salyer, the super superintendent of Johnson County schools, maybe the last true American in Kentucky, who braved the outrage of radical Christianity to follow the Constitution and separate religion from school.

It is fairly easy to stand up to radicals with bad ideas but standing up to normal, well-meaning, kind and faithful people with bad ideas is no easy task, especially in Eastern Kentucky where a superintendent is at all times three votes away from career loss and where voters know so little, or care so little, about the Constitution that they think they are being cheated if they cannot make others worship like they do.

We fear Islam because we think it is a religion with a political plan, not realizing that Christianity, as now interpreted by most if its adherents, has the same objective, namely a government run according to a priestly book.

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