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UK-Transy notes: Game makes 'tremendous difference' to Transy

Transylvania coach Brian Lane, talked to his team as #1 UK defeated Transylvania 76-42  on Friday November 1, 2013 in Lexington, Ky. Photos by Mark Cornelison | Staff
Transylvania coach Brian Lane, talked to his team as #1 UK defeated Transylvania 76-42 on Friday November 1, 2013 in Lexington, Ky. Photos by Mark Cornelison | Staff Herald-Leader

This year's annual brush with Kentucky basketball will net Transylvania's athletic department about $50,000.

Transy raised about $30,000 in an auction/dinner Thursday night. The school also received a $20,000 guarantee to play the exhibition game Friday night.

The $50,000 translates into the budget for one Transy athletic team for an entire school year, Athletic Director Holly Sheilley said. "So it makes a tremendous difference," she said.

Sheilley thanked UK Coach John Calipari, who attended the auction/dinner. As part of the auction, he donated six game tickets, which also included a post-game dinner with the UK team in its locker room. Those three sets of two tickets went for $2,150.

Sheilley thanked Calipari, the UK team and the school for "literally wrapping their arms around us and letting us be part" of Kentucky basketball. She said that Calipari's attendance at the auction/dinner said something about the UK coach as a person.

"That he cares about his community more than people give him credit for at times," she said. "He definitely didn't have to be here."

Promotion for Polson?

Calipari lauded the effort Jarrod Polson displayed in the 76-42 exhibition victory over Transylvania. That might impact how UK uses Aaron Harrison.

"I think we've got to play Jarrod some more," he said. "Maybe he plays more point and we get Aaron to play (shooting guard)."

Polson did nothing spectacular to impress Calipari.

"All Jarrod did was run really hard and push the ball," the UK coach said. "We had absolutely none of that in the first half."Then Calipari noted, "There's a difference between running and sprinting."

Said Polson of pushing the ball, "That's the job of a point guard. My goal is to push the ball. Really pass it to the wing. Pretty easy."

UK's point guard position isn't settled, in part, because expected starter Andrew Harrison is temporarily sidelined because of a bruise on his right knee.

Julius Randle noted that Aaron Harrison might be more comfortable at shooting guard.

Point guard "is kind of hard for Aaron," Randle said. "He's been playing shooting guard all his life."

Eight fouls

Transy's Trevor Tiller played a team-high 34 minutes. That was possible because Transy Coach Brian Lane and Calipari agreed to a no-foul out rule for the exhibition.

So Tiller was surprised to stay in the game despite picking up his third foul barely five minutes into the first half.

"He was puzzled," said Lane, who noted that he didn't tell his players about the no-foul out agreement. "I wanted them to play a normal game."

Calipari liked the no-foul out agreement because he wanted his freshmen to get as much experience as possible.

Energy players

Calipari saluted the effort given by two players: Marcus Lee and James Young. As expected, Young played the defensive stopper role. He hounded Tiller.

Lee, who didn't play until the second half, had a busy nine minutes: three points, two rebounds, a block and a turnover.

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