UK Football

UK’s trick play called ’12Fish,’ and there’s more where that came from. Watch it here.

It seemed like a play Kentucky might want to keep in its pocket going into a stretch of conference games against stronger opponents, but it was too good of a chance to let go.

“There was a big opportunity to run it,” UK offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said of that shovel pass-reverse for a touchdown involving Benny Snell, Terry Wilson and wide receiver Zy’Aire Hughes. “After the first time we ran it, it was all set up. Sometimes you save them and then they never give you the look and then they’re just sitting there.”

But did Gran worry about UK’s next opponent, No. 16 Mississippi State, or even the one after that, South Carolina, having it on film now and being ready for it?

Nope, he said, and offered a sort of warning shot to future opponents at the same time.

“Now they’ve got to work on it,” he said of defenses preparing for what turned into a 49-yard score for Hughes on his first touch as a Wildcat. “You’ve got stuff out of your wildcat package and we’ve got five or six more. They’re always in the bank. We need to continue to practice and get better at them.”

As for his part, Hughes said they worked on it all week and they promised him the play — called “12Fish” for his nickname “Fish” — would be called soon.

“I knew it was going to come, I just didn’t think it was going to come soon enough.”

Once it was called, he saw the end zone. “I knew before the play even started that I was going to score.”

That might be Hughes being “a little overconfident,” Gran said, “which is a great thing.”

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