UK Football

On radio show, UK’s Stoops says: ‘I anticipate playing several quarterbacks this week.’

When he met with the media on Monday around lunch time, Mark Stoops said Terry Wilson was still the Kentucky starter at quarterback for Saturday’s game against Missouri, but that Gunnar Hoak would get more reps in practice this week.

By dinner time on his coach’s radio show, Stoops sounded much more decisive about his plan.

“You have to give the other guys an opportunity,” Stoops said to the voice of the Wildcats, Tom Leach, during his radio program. “We’re going to work them hard and we have the past couple weeks in practice and I anticipate playing several quarterbacks this week.”

The head coach said he met with quarterbacks individually and as a group Monday and noted that while he still has a lot of confidence in Wilson, the sophomore “definitely didn’t play a very good game here this past week.

“You hope he gets off to a fast start and goes and rolls,” Stoops said of the No. 12 Cats’ game at Missouri. “And again, we have a lot of confidence in Terry, but we have a lot of confidence in Gunnar and Danny and would love the opportunity to see them play as well.”

Leach double-checked with Stoops on air that he meant to say he planned to play not just Wilson but Hoak and Clark as well.

“I definitely think we will,” Stoops said. “We’ll see how it goes. Those guys know that; they’re going to prepare to get reps, all three of them will. We’ll see how the week goes and the game goes.”