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Kentucky football Q&A: Winston Guy

In 2007, on the Sunday after Kentucky's gut-wrenching four-overtime loss to Tennessee, Winston Guy told UK coaches he was backing out of a prior commitment to Arkansas and would instead be a Kentucky Wildcat.

Four years later, the hometown product from Lexington Catholic is slated to play his final game in UK blue and white Saturday against UT. Currently second in the SEC in tackles (to teammate Danny Trevathan) with 106, the hybrid safety/linebacker will leave Kentucky as one of the better Lexington-produced players to play at UK.

Question: If you'd gone to Arkansas, you'd have been playing Louisiana State in the biggest game in the country this week. Ever second guess your decision?

Answer: (Laughs). Man, it's funny you say that. I've sat down with my girlfriend, and I've talked about that. "Man, I could be at Arkansas right now." I've got a really good friend that plays there, (wide receiver) Jarius Wright. Me and him are really close; we talk on a day-to-day basis. (Running back) DeAnthony Curtis, I'm cool with him, too. And I'm happy for them.

But I'm happy where I'm at. I'm happy with the decision I made to come here. Coach (Rich) Brooks gave me the opportunity to play my (true) freshman year. Coach (Joker) Phillips came along, and he still believed in me and just gave me a role as far as being a leader for this team. I'm happy with the outcome I've had throughout my career here.

Q: Is it special to play college football in the town where you are from?

A: Yeah, I think it really is. I really didn't even think about it that much but, once you get up in age, get to your senior year, having time to sit down and think, "I'll be an alumni in my hometown where I was born and raised, and people are always going to remember me for all the great things I've done for this program." I feel very honored and appreciative for this program to accept me for who I am.

Q: When you played last week at Georgia with a very banged-up shoulder, you seemed to earn a lot of respect from your coaches and teammates. What's that mean to you?

A: I felt like I could be an asset to my team. Even though I'm injured, it shows the courage to the coaches and my team that I'm still willing to play games while I'm hurt. ... It could be a future decision. It lets (NFL) scouts know, "Man, he can play through injuries." But that wasn't the main thing. I'd never sat out a game in my career here. I didn't want that to be the first.

Q: Danny Trevathan has a pretty good lead on you in tackles (135 to 106) going into the UT game. Since you guys have a dinner bet on who gets the most tackles this season, to which eatery do you think you'll take him?

A: I have no idea. ... He's probably been planning something the whole time through the season. I have to give it to him. It's all to him. This is his second year leading the SEC (in tackles). I'm happy for him. Hopefully, he gets something out of all he's done for this school.

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