High School Basketball

Rose Hill gets 2-year tourney ban

The boys' basketball program at Rose Hill Christian School in Ashland has been penalized by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association for a series of violations.

Rose Hill was fined $6,000, is ineligible for boys' post-season basketball play for this season and next and will be on probation through the 2011-12 school year.

The penalties were announced Monday during a meeting of the KHSAA Board of Control in Lexington.

The Royals were found to have violated KHSAA bylaws 10 (recruitment), 13 (financial aid), 6 (transfer rule — domestic students), 9 (other eligibility requirements and regulations), 17 (supplying information) and 1 (responsibility for eligibility).

In addition to the penalties, a KHSAA press release reads that "at an appropriate time prior to the start of the 2010-11 school year, Rose Hill shall certify to the Commissioner (Brigid DeVries) and Board that the school and all of its personnel are in full compliance with KHSAA bylaws, rules and policies through the submission of new policies and procedures that demonstrate institutional control before Rose Hill's membership in the KHSAA is renewed. Prior to each school year starting in 2009-10, the principal and superintendent at Rose Hill must also annually submit financial aid information for approval by the KHSAA staff."

David Weedman, KHSAA Board of Control president, said that the penalties were fair and allowed student athletes in the affected program to continue with regular-season play. The Board's decision was unanimous.

"There is an expectation by the KHSAA board, staff and membership that each high school, through its principal and superintendent, have a level of institutional control that ensures compliance with the association constitution, bylaws and policies," DeVries said. "The investigation revealed that this was not the case at Rose Hill in this situation."