Keeneland by the numbers

There are big numbers at Keeneland.

Like 11 million. That's the number of Daily Racing Form pages that will be digitally saved by the Keeneland Library and University of Kentucky's preservation project undertaken this year.

There are little numbers.

Like one. That's the number of legendary dogs buried on the Versailles Road race course. (That'd be Dolittle, the mixed-breed best friend of former track superintendent Hobart Burton, buried now under a pine tree in front of Barn 40.)

There are some kinda big numbers.

Like 20,000. That's the number of tons of Keeneland stable straw bedding and manure that will be converted annually to Grade 3 fuel oil.

And there are kinda little ones.

Like 13, a superstitious number that you are not likely to see too much of at Keeneland. For instance, there is no Barn 13 and no corporate box 13. That's because horse people can be superstitious and, well, no reason to unnecessarily jitter people who are already jittery.

And when you go to the betting window at Keeneland, you have your own numbers, say, when you put down $20 on horse No. 6 in the fifth race to win. That could lead to your own big numbers.

Here's to those. And here's to a few more you can talk about when the cashiers are counting out your considerable cash. After all, the spring meet starts Friday, so there are numbers to be counted, and won.

Let's count

34: Number of notes in Call to the Post, played before each race at Keeneland.

143: Numbers of races in the 2010 spring meet. Nine races will be run each Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday; 10 will be run each Friday and Saturday, but there will be 11 on April 10, Toyota Blue Grass Stakes Day.

55: Number of barns at the track. Remember, there's no 13.

500: Number of forsythia bushes lining the track and in blazing yellow bloom right now. They're a favorite sight among track-goers.

1,038: Number of acres of land on which Keeneland sits.

1,900: Number of horses that can be stabled at one time.

8,799: Seating capacity of the track.

10,000: The number of cars that will fit in the parking lot.

Let's eat

In a typical weekend, the kitchen and bar sell ...

6: Furlongs of hot dogs, in length. That's three-quarters of a mile for you non-racetrack types.

30: Cases of bourbon sold by the glass. Maker's Mark is the most popular brand.

1,000: Pieces of bread pudding and gallons of chili.

1,200: Gallons of burgoo, sold by the bowl and cup.

2,100: Orders of fries.

3,000: Hamburgers.

10,000: Gallons of beer. Bud Lite is the most popular brand.Let's shop

7,342: Number of horses sold at Keeneland sales in 2009.

$1,200: Price paid for the least-expensive Derby winner ever sold at Keeneland: 1971's Canonero II.

$12,850: Price of the most expensive item in the Keeneland Gift Shop: Love Horses, below, an icy turquoise and brown Daum crystal sculpture of two horses, in a 1,000-issue limited edition.

$13.1 million: Most money ever spent on a yearling at Keeneland or anywhere. That was Seattle Dancer, above, at the Selected Yearling Sale on July 24, 1985.

Let's race

6: Most wins by a jockey in a single day, shared by Randy Romero on April 7, 1990, on nine mounts, and Craig Perret on April 18, 1990, on seven mounts.

184: Most races won at Keeneland by a single owner. It's William S. Farish.

273: Most races won at Keeneland by a single trainer. It's D. Wayne Lukas.

918: Number of wins by a single jockey. Of course, it's Pat Day, right.

33,821: Highest single-day attendance, on April 21, 2007, for Coolmore Lexington Stakes Day.

$3,599,647: Highest single-day mutuel on-track handle, on April 16, 2005.

$19,246,840: Highest single-day wagering, on April 14, 2007, for Toyota Blue Grass Stakes Day.

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