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Wendell Carter's parents have some bones to pick with Coach K

Miami's Dewan Huell (20) fought for a rebound with Duke's Marvin Bagley III (35) and Wendell Carter Jr. (34) during a game in Miami in January.
Miami's Dewan Huell (20) fought for a rebound with Duke's Marvin Bagley III (35) and Wendell Carter Jr. (34) during a game in Miami in January.

Since their son did his one-and-done turn at Duke, the parents of Wendell Carter Jr. haven’t had much good to say about Blue Devils Coach Mike Krzyzewski.

You remember Carter, the 6-foot-10 center who was part of the Blue Devils’ stellar recruiting class last season. He averaged 13.5 points and 9.1 rebounds as a freshman for the Duke team that lost a heartbreaker to Kansas in the Elite Eight.

Carter was taken seventh in the NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls, but his parents believe they were double-crossed in the recruiting process by Coach K, especially when it comes to Carter’s former teammate Marvin Bagley.

The Carters say they were never informed that Krzyzewski was taking the 6-foot-11 Bagley, a late addition to the Duke roster who reclassified so that he could be a part of the 2017-18 team. With the shift, Bagley became the No. 1 prospect in the class of 2017.

He averaged 21.1 points and 11. 1 rebounds for the Blue Devils and was selected No. 2 overall by Sacramento in the NBA Draft.

“My initial reaction, I was pissed,” Kylia Carter told NBC Sports. “And it wasn’t pissed because Marvin was coming. To be honest, I felt like that was information that was kept from us. It felt (shady), it felt like my baby was gonna get kicked to the curb. I felt like all of that.”

Indeed, Bagley assumed more of a starring role for the Blue Devils, which made sense given his skill set. Still, that apparently grated on the Carters.

“I tell people, people make promises they can’t keep,” Wendell Carter Sr. said. “It didn’t bother me. I was concerned because I felt like we were lied to.”

Kylia Carter has never shied from saying what’s on her mind. In a Sports Illustrated story posted this week, she blasted the NCAA for its treatment of student-athletes.

“They treat you like a piece of property. Period. Point blank. They take things away from you, they talk bad to you, they’re disrespectful to you,” Kylia Carter is quoted as saying during her son's pre-draft party last week. “The act of getting paid is not what makes a difference, the difference is that in the NBA (players) are respected in the role that they’re in. Whatever it is they’re doing, they have a voice and they’re respected. In college, you have no voice. It’s a system set up that they drop you in and tell you what to do — you be a rebounder, shot-blocker, you take all the shots, nobody else can shoot. My child never got to show his full set of skills. He never got to do that.”

Kylia said she had not aired her complaints with Krzyzewski, but said she hoped to see him at a Bulls game.

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