North Lexington bookstore closed. Then something surprising happened.

The Wild Fig just keeps blooming.

Wild Fig Books and Coffee at 726 North Limestone, owned by Kentucky writer Crystal Wilkinson and her partner Ronald Davis, closed in September. In November, a new incarnation of Wild Fig opened, this one a worker cooperative helmed by April Taylor.

Wilkinson and Davis had previously operated Wild Fig in Meadowthorpe before closing there in 2015.

Taylor, the store’s co-founder and worker-owner, said the new worker cooperative model means that the business “gives everyone a stake in the decision-making process,” rather than having decision-making concentrated among just a few people.

The new Wild Fig is “expanding on the legacy of what the Fig has meant to people in the community,” Taylor said.

Inventory has been expanded to include smudging materials, different types of herb bundles, as well as crystals and gemstones. The store also now includes co-working space, holds documentary screenings and offers a $5 meal deal as well as coffee and a variety of pastry offerings from Desserts by Jai.

L-R: Faith Evans, Jim Embry, April Taylor talked at The Wild Fig Book Store, 726 North Limestone Street.The book store, which closed in September has re-opened, this time as a worker cooperative helmed by April Taylor. The new Fig includes books, coffee, food and pastries and co-working space. Charles Bertram

It also hosts pop-up booths for small local businesses and artists.

Taylor said that its first month open, the store has “already surpassed what our three-month projections were in terms of sales, so that’s really good. We are looking to raise more money and access some of these non-traditional financing options.”

Taylor also works with Lexington Fresh Stop Markets, which provides fresh food access to underserved areas.

Having a variety of offerings, from co-working space to food specials, in the rapidly changing North Limestone corridor helps the Fig “be a space for those who come from the population segment that’s being pushed out and those that are coming in.”