Ivanka Trump and Matt Bevin tour Georgetown Toyota plant and try out the exoskeletons

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump, toured the Toyota plant in Georgetown Thursday, where she learned about the Kentucky automaker’s training programs.

Toyota Motor North America CEO Jim Lentz and President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky Susan Elkington signed the White House’s “Pledge to America’s Workers,” which pledges continued training for jobs. The company will create 200,000 training and job enhancement opportunities, according to a statement.

“Toyota believes that continuous investment in workforce training is essential to ensuring we are prepared for the highly skilled jobs of the future that will define society and help sustain our economy,” said Lentz, in a statement.

On March 14, the company announced a $238 million expansion to build hybrid Rav4 crossover SUVs and hybrid Lexus ES sedans at the plant, which is already Toyota’s largest in the world.

Accompanied by Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, Trump toured the plant, where she and Bevin tried on exoskeleton devices designed to enhance the strength and endurance of workers on assembly lines. They also attended a roundtable discussion on workforce development with employees of the plant.