Lexington police sergeant accused of stalking now faces criminal charge and suspension

Lexington Police Sgt. Jervis Middleton
Lexington Police Sgt. Jervis Middleton LFUCG

A Lexington police sergeant is facing a charge of official misconduct after a woman filed an emergency order of protection against him in which she accused him of stalking and spying on her.

As a result of the police department’s investigation, Sgt. Jervis Middleton was charged last Tuesday with second-degree official misconduct, according to a statement released Sunday by police spokeswoman Brenna Angel. He is accused of using police resources to get information about the victim.

Middleton has been served with a court summons and is now suspended with pay “pending the outcome of the judicial process,” Angel said in the statement. Second-degree official misconduct is a class B misdemeanor.

In the victim’s complaint, she said she was in a relationship with Middleton for more than a year before she became concerned that he “may be watching me as he has known of too many things/ coincidences that he shouldn’t have.”

The woman also reported in her complaint that on Aug. 2 at about 11 p.m., she was in her home with a friend when the friend noticed there was a man laying on her roof, watching them through the window. She ran outside and someone jumped off her neighbor’s roof and drove away in a black SUV, according to the complaint.

Middleton arrived at her house within seconds of her calling him and police, according to the complaint.

The woman contacted the police department on Aug. 3 to file a complaint against Middleton. Immediately after the complaint, the department launched an investigation and Middleton was transferred to an administrative assignment that day, according to a statement released by police spokeswoman Brenna Angel.