Fayette County

Lexington man accused of shooting two people after victims made him drop his marijuana.

Maxwell Wilburn
Maxwell Wilburn Fayette County Detention Center

A man was apprehended and charged in a September shooting of two people on a Lexington street during an argument over marijuana that had fallen on the floor of the car, police said.

The confrontation happened outside Nikel’s Food Mart off Paris Pike near the Lexington Country Club Sept. 15, according to court records.

Maxwell Wilburn, 21, allegedly shot two people when he got mad at the driver whose driving made him drop his marijuana on the floor of the car, Wilburn’s arrest warrant said. The victims, a man and his girlfriend, were taking Wilburn and another person home following a house party, according to court records.

The driver told police he objected to the marijuana being in the vehicle. An argument ensued and the driver stopped the car abruptly on Rogers Road where all four exited the vehicle, according to the arrest warrant.

Not long after threatening to shoot, Wilburn allegedly shot the driver and the girlfriend multiple times, police said. As the girlfriend was face down on the ground, the driver called 911 and an operator advised him to use his shirt to put pressure on his girlfriend’s wounds until help arrived, according to court records.

Police were searching for Wilburn until Wednesday, when he was arrested and placed in the Fayette County Detention Center. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree assault.