Scott County

Investigation is politically motivated, nearly over, coroner says, but police disagree

Scott County Coroner John Goble
Scott County Coroner John Goble

Scott County Coroner John Goble said Monday that a state investigation of him is politically motivated.

Lt. Michael Webb, public affairs commander for Kentucky State Police, confirmed that Goble is under investigation. But he said no charges have been filed against Goble or anyone else.

“In the last couple of weeks, we’ve gotten some information that’s caused us to look into a matter with him,” Webb said. “But we really don’t know where that’s taking us yet. We’re in the very preliminary stages of it.”

Goble said he anticipates that the investigation will be over in a week. He said he suspects there are “political reasons” for the investigation but would not elaborate.

“I anticipate I will be completely exonerated,” Goble said in an interview.

Webb said he doubts “very seriously” that the investigation will be over in a week.

“We are still trying to determine the scope of the investigation, and exactly what direction we’re going to go with it,” Webb said. “We’re still trying to determine the scope and who may or may not be involved with this.

“We initiated this investigation about two-and-a-half, three weeks ago,” Webb said. “We’re trying to peel back this onion one layer at a time. We don’t know who all is involved at this point.”

Webb said search warrants have been executed during the course of the investigation. No search warrant involving Goble was on file in Scott County on Friday when the Herald-Leader checked.

Goble, 64, of Georgetown, a retired state trooper, was elected coroner in 2002 and is running for re-election. The position pays $24,500 annually.

Goble confirmed that four deputy coroners have been put under administrative leave after the judge-executive, county attorney and Goble consulted with each other. He wouldn’t disclose the reasons for the leave.

One deputy coroner, Mark Sutton, 56, of Stamping Ground has filed to run against Goble in the coroner’s race. Christine Annette Hawkins, 48, of Georgetown, has also filed to run as coroner.