Scott County


'I did not sell donor eyes for profit.' Indicted coroner backed up by Kentucky Lions Eye Bank

Scott County Coroner John Goble disputes a grand jury allegation he stole donor eyes and delivered them for personal profit. “I did not sell donor eyes for profit,” Goble said. The Kentucky Lions Eye Bank seemed to support Goble’s claims releasing a statement that time was critical for surgery and other means of delivering the organs were not available. The eye bank used Goble for the organ delivery from Lexington to West Virginia and the transplant was successful, the release stated.

Scott County

Railroad blames its crew for Kentucky train crash. And sues them.

Norfolk Southern Railway Co. filed suit against two crew members whom it says were negligent and failed to prevent a March 18 train crash and derailment in Georgetown. The suit says the locomotive engineer and conductor could be stopped and thus prevent the crash that destroyed two Norfolk Southern locomotives and the derailment of 13 rail cars.

Details about investigation into Georgetown house fire, explosion revealed

A woman who died in a Georgetown house explosion and fire is suspected of setting the blaze, said Georgetown Fire Chief John Ward and fire investigator Capt. Wes Broderick in a Thursday press conference. The explosions were likely unintentional.