‘You will die tonight.’ Victim survives brutal attack. Woman charged.

Zenobia Waide-Dansby is accused of attacking a woman who called police on a man.
Zenobia Waide-Dansby is accused of attacking a woman who called police on a man. Fayette County jail

A woman arrested Wednesday night is charged with brutally assaulting and threatening another woman.

The attack occurred Dec. 23 at a home on Florida Street after the victim called the police about a man at her home who was belligerently drunk and refused to leave, according to court records.

Later that night, Zenobia Waide-Dansby, 53, arrived at the victim’s home, where she had stayed the previous three days, according to court documents. Dansby began to argue with the victim about calling the police on the drunk man, records show.

Waide-Dansby is accused of throwing the victim to the ground, punching her several times with a fist and striking her with a brass lamp and a vase, according to the arrest report.

Waide-Dansby allegedly stomped on the victim while wearing steel-toed boots and stabbed her with a knife, according to court documents.

She allegedly placed shopping bags over the victim’s head two or three times, causing her to lose consciousness momentarily, and restrained the victim with electrical cords, documents show.

Waide-Dansby is accused of threatening the victim during the assault, telling her:

“I will rip your eye out.”

“I can’t let you live.”

“You will die tonight.”

“You will bleed out.”

The victim suffered at least two puncture wounds to her forearms, bruised ribs, severe bruising to her face, cuts under her left eye and on the left side of her head, knots on her head, and hemorrhaging to her right eye caused by suffocation.

Waide-Dansby was charged with third-degree terroristic threatening, second-degree assault and first-degree unlawful imprisonment.

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