Kentucky woman showing signs of strangulation, sexual assault dies

Daniel Simpson
Daniel Simpson Hardin County Detention Center

A woman has died in Hardin County after being put on life support following a reported attack that left her with injuries consistent with strangulation, according to the county coroner’s office and court records.

Christina Howard, 38, of Radcliff was declared dead on Saturday after being on life support for nearly a week, Hardin County Deputy Coroner Shana Norton said. Howard was declared brain dead on Aug. 14, but was kept on a ventilator because she was an organ donor, Norton said.

Daniel D. Simpson, 32, of Radcliff was arrested last Monday on charges of first-degree assault and first-degree sodomy in connection with Howard’s injuries, according to court documents. He is being held in the Hardin County jail with bond set at $100,000.

Howard was taken to Hardin Memorial Hospital on Aug 12, where hospital staff called police to report that she appeared to have been a victim of sexual assault, according to court records. She was unresponsive and in critical condition when she arrived at the hospital.

The day after she was brought to the hospital, bruising started to appear around her neck, on her arms and buttocks, and there were signs of broken blood vessels on her ears, according to court records. The injuries on her neck were consistent with strangulation, according to Simpson’s arrest citation.

At the time of the arrest, Simpson told investigators that he and Howard had had sex, and that they’d been in a relationship in the past, according to court records. He said she’d come to his house on Aug. 11 and stayed into the morning of Aug. 12.