Bloody message on wall shown in video at Lexington murder trial

Todd Schumacher, left, and Matthew P. Donaghy.
Todd Schumacher, left, and Matthew P. Donaghy. Photos provided

Jurors were able to virtually step inside a crime scene Tuesday on the second day of the murder trial of Matthew Patrick Donaghy.

Donaghy, 22, is accused of stabbing his boyfriend, Todd Shumacher, 40 to death in January 2015.

Lexington police detectives used videos, three-dimensional scans and photographs to paint for jurors a full picture of the home where Shumacher’s body was found.

In one video, a detective filmed as he walked through the home. Starting in the living room, the video showed large amounts of blood smeared on doors, walls and a partially rolled rug.

The video then shows the detective walking through a blood-covered kitchen, past words written in blood on the wall and into a bedroom. In the bedroom, Shumacher’s naked body can be seen lying on the floor.

The words written on the wall in blood read, “Please send Matt and Todd to heaven,” WKYT reported.

The last video shows the bathroom, where two knives can be seen in the bathtub.

Jurors also were shown a series of photographs taken of Donaghy at University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital on the night of Shumacher’s death. The images showed blood on Donaghy’s face, hands and feet, and several parallel cuts on his lower arm.

The trial is expected to take two more days.

Several months before Shumacher’s death, Donaghy was charged with mistreatment of an animal for allegedly putting Shumacher’s dog into a hot oven, according to court documents. The dog survived but suffered multiple burns.