Could more turnover be coming to Lexington’s school board? See who’s running.

A former teacher who was appointed last year to the first district seat on the Fayette school board now faces opposition from a founder of a non-profit.

Christy Morris is Will Nash’s only opponent in the November general election. Tuesday June 4 was the filing deadline. The first district on the school board includes western Lexington.

Nash was appointed in November 2018 by Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis to fill the remainder of former board chairwoman Melissa Bacon’s term which ends this year.

Morris, 38, said she is one of the founders of a local grassroots charity called FEED which stands for: Fayette, Eating, Education, and Delivery. The organization’s goal is to make sure that every child in Fayette County Public Schools that lives in a food insecure household receives healthy and nutritious food over weekends and holidays. The food is discretely placed in their backpacks, generally by family resource center staff at schools, Morris said.

Morris said if elected, her top priority ”is to return local control to each of our schools. “

She elaborated, saying that school councils should be given funding to pay for curriculum that best suits their students and she doesn’t think that is happening now.

“Over the past several years, we have witnessed the erosion of control given to our School Based Decision Making Councils: the body of parents, teachers, and administrators elected on a school level, that make important decisions for each of our schools,” said Morris. “ I want to re-empower our schools to give them the funding and control they need to make choices that best serve the needs of their unique populations.”

Morris said she will continue her work in eliminating childhood hunger in schools and developing community partners to fill the gaps in both resources and volunteers. She said that the decisions she makes on the school board will be affecting her two young sons for the next decade. Morris said she had worked on community partnerships to get more volunteers at James Lane Allen Elementary School, which she said was a “sister” school to Rosa Parks Elementary where her children attend.

“My investment in Fayette County Schools is long-term, and with a degree and background in finance, I understand the importance of sound investments,” Morris said. “I will use my background in finance to cast votes and make decisions impacting our community only after I’ve had the opportunity to read proposals, get questions answered, and receive” comment from constituents.

A former teacher, Nash is the executive director of an educator professional development non-profit.

In announcing his candidacy in April, Nash said that he raised more than $18,000 over the first two weeks of his campaign. He said his fundraising total surpassed the previous record for fundraising for a Fayette school board seat set by last year’s race when Tyler Murphy collected more than $10,000 in District 2 . As of Tuesday, Nash said he had raised more than $21,000.

“I look forward to a robust conversation about the future of Fayette County Public Schools,” Nash said Tuesday.