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Matt Bevin told social media to ask him questions. Here's what happened next.

Gov. Matt Bevin
Gov. Matt Bevin

Gov. Matt Bevin invited Kentuckians to ask him questions about almost any topic Friday on Twitter and Facebook.

They obliged, but many perhaps weren't the types of questions Bevin had hoped to receive.

"Do you anticipate you will ever understand the constitution of Kentucky?" asked ChadandAnna Rogers on Facebook.

They followed that with: "Ever have anyone steal your retirement?"

On Twitter, @smitrond inquired: "Now that Missouri's slime ball governor has quit, how does it feel to be the worst sitting governor?"

And @card_sharp72 wanted to know: "When you take selfies, do you have a lot of trouble stretching your arm out far enough to get your entire head in the picture?"

In his appeal, the Republican governor said questions submitted could be featured in an upcoming project, though he offered no further details.

"Whether you're curious about what it's like to be the governor, have a question about specific policies, or even wonder what kind of music I enjoy ... NOW'S YOUR CHANCE to ask!" Bevin wrote.

The governor's communications office did not reply to an email from the Herald-Leader asking questions about the social media posts.

Bevin is a frequent user of Twitter and Facebook. Earlier this year, he won an initial round in a federal court fight over whether he violated free-speech rights by blocking people from his social media accounts.

A federal judge denied a request by the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky on behalf of two Kentucky residents for a preliminary injunction to stop the governor from blocking anyone on his accounts. The ACLU has said more than 600 people have been blocked.

Many of the initial replies to Bevin's invitation Friday dealt with a court ruling this week that declared unconstitutional a new pension law backed by Bevin and Republicans in this year's legislative session.

Some questions were flattering to the governor.

"Thank you so much for what you and your wife are doing for adoption and foster care," said John Hawkins on Facebook. "I very much appreciate it! What is your wife's foundation called. I would like to do what I can to support."

Hawkins then finished with some personal questions: "Also what interest you in any spare time (if any) that you have? Hobby? When it comes to a personal car, are you foreign or domestic? Who is your favorite suit designer?"

Henry Faughn seemed to side with the governor. He asked on Facebook, "How does it feel to be a governor of a bunch of crybabies?"

But Isidore Ducasse represented those not fond of Bevin. "Were you always this evil?" she asked.

Bevin has the option of seeking another four-year term next year but has not yet said if he will run again.

"Will you and other Republicans ever understand that you're public officials, meant to serve ALL the people, not just the rich? That your first priority should be how to make sure the state has adequate for education and healthcare?" asked Dave Creek on Facebook.

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