Abuse charge dropped against daycare worker who waved doll at crying toddler

Charges against two Wayne County daycare workers have been dropped.

A Wayne County grand jury returned a “no true bill” on June 18, declining to indict Diana Myers and Tasha Cox, who had been charged after a video circulated showing Myers waving a doll at a crying child.

In April, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department had charged Myers, also known as Diana Willett, with criminal abuse, while Cox, who allegedly shared the video online, was charged with failure to report child neglect or abuse.

WKYT reported that the crying toddler, who was backed underneath a table at Wendy’s Wonderland in Monticello, was afraid of dolls.

But Myers’ attorney told WKYT that Myers was simply trying to distract the child, who was crying about something else.

Myers told WKYT that the ordeal “took a big toll on me.”

She said she loves working with children and knew she had done nothing wrong. “I had a lot of days where I would just cry,” she told WKYT.

The operator of Wendy’s Wonderland had defended Myers and Cox, neither of whom is still working there, according to WKYT.

Cox said she misses some of the children, but she has gotten a factory job since the charges were filed.

“I am happier,” she said.

Although it was previously reported that Cox videoed the incident before sharing it online, Cox said in an interview Tuesday night that she was not at the daycare when it happened.

She said someone else recorded the video and sent it to her, and she posted it on Facebook because it featured Myers, her sister-in-law.

“I was just aggravating Diana when I posted the video,” Cox said. “I meant no harm toward them kids whatsoever.”