Letters to the Editor

Baffled by Bourbon grand jury’s decision in bicyclist’s death

A Bourbon County Grand Jury decided that even though Dr. David Cassidy was bicycling in a safe and legal manner, the fact that he was riding a bicycle made him at least partly to blame for his own death. So the investigation closes with no follow-up.

The vehicle’s driver goes unindicted, with no unaccountability for her reckless actions. What a chilling message the grand jury sent to the thousands of Central Kentuckians who ride bikes every day.

Grand jury deliberations are confidential, and we’ll never know the jurors’ rationale. But would the grand jury have reached the same decision had Cassidy been struck from behind while driving an automobile, operating a farm tractor or riding a horse on Paris Pike that Sunday? You also have to wonder where the accident investigation would have gone if the roles had been reversed. What if the driver, the daughter of a prominent Kentucky horse farm owner, had been riding her bike on Paris Pike and was struck from behind and killed? Would that have made a difference?

When I ride, I’ve always felt like a target to those who don’t like sharing the road. Now I also have to worry whether Lady Justice truly is blind.

Mike Kennedy