Letters to the Editor

News account misleading

The Herald-Leader published a Jan. 16 article regarding the grand jury decision in the death of my father, Dr. David Cassidy.

The article states “Allison Bishop, 24, of Paris was southbound in her 2013 BMW X3 when she used the left lane to pass a vehicle in the right lane, according to Kentucky State Police. As she returned to the right lane, she failed to see Cassidy on his bike, police said. Cassidy was struck by the front right side of the BMW.”

While I am not disputing these facts, the way they are presented is misleading.

A reader could make the conclusion that Bishop hit my father because the car she was passing was blocking her view. However, the fact is that my father was about 500 yards in front of the vehicle at the time Bishop was passing. This is according to the official report, which is public record, by the police and an official scene reconstruction, based on witness testimony.

The article is helping to perpetuate harmful and incorrect assumptions about my father’s death, namely that it could not have been avoided.

Zachary Cassidy