Letters to the Editor

Don’t help hide child abuse

I am extremely disappointed with the Republican Senate’s decision not to hear Senate Bill 181, which would have prevented parents who have a substantiated instance of child abuse or neglect on their record from removing their children from public schools to home-school them.

Senate Minority Leader Ray Jones, D-Pikeville, sponsored the bill after reading a Herald-Leader article about an 8-year old girl who was nearly tortured to death by her father and his girlfriend.

After school employees twice reported the girl’s injuries to social workers, the child’s father withdrew her from school to “home school” her. The only reason he did so was to escape criminal liability. He told authorities that he was a very religious, God-loving man who felt that the treatment of his daughter was his business.

Judiciary Chairman Whitney Westerfield, a Hopkinsville Republican, said that he needed more time to read the bill before he decided whether it’s important enough to be considered for discussion. What a hypocrite.

Conservative Republicans who claim that fetuses in utero feel pain when they are aborted pause when having to decide whether to save a child from a living hell on Earth. This should not be a political issue. Help these kids.

Yolanda Averette