Letters to the Editor

Unfair editorial on Sen. Robinson

The Herald-Leader’s recent attack on state Sen. Albert Robinson was unfair and biased. It addressed so many ridiculous issues I hardly know where to start. It is not intolerant or discriminatory to have a belief contrary to the editorial board’s. To quote former Sen. George Mitchell, “Because you believe something and I disagree with you does not mean I am wrong.”

First, anyone who took ninth-grade civics knows gerrymandering is illegal. Three of the counties in the 21st District are majority Democrat in registration. Also, 76 percent of the voters supported Robinson in the last election. If they were unhappy with him, they had the opportunity to vote against him.

Second, as to the accusation that Robinson’s actions on the 2000 retirement bill were to “enrich” himself, a recent report revealed that his state pension is lower than those of many current legislators.

Third, the editorial board judges anyone who has a Christian understanding of right and wrong as intolerant or discriminatory. Why is it that the Herald-Leader always attacks conservatives for their beliefs but liberals are applauded for theirs?

I have known Robinson for almost 40 years. As a representative and a senator, he has done everything possible for his constituents, not for his personal benefit.

Jerry Gregory