Letters to the Editor

Columnist Rosemond cheap entertainment

John Rosemond
John Rosemond

Do not stop John Rosemond’s column. It is both amusing and confounding: cheap entertainment in an age of anxiety, which of course was invented in the 1960’s.

His response to Kentucky therapist Susan Bell’s letter is a delight. First of all, he appears to be taking a stand for science. (You know, the only real way to determine whether someone is suffering from an illness.) If a teenager who threatens suicide has lost all interest in usual activities, well, that is just some kind of “useful metaphor,” not an actual disease labeled depression.

Why? Because Rosemond has declared that children do not have mental illness. And what about those self-starving teenage girls? Anorexia nervosa isn’t real either (even though accepted in the medical community since the 19th century) because children don’t have mental illnesses.

How shocking that Rosemond alone has realized that the symptoms of mental illness are manifested in behaviors. What a genius to have figured this out.

He may have a point about over-medication of children with drugs used to treat mental illness, but, unfortunately, any valid points are lost in the smoke and mirrors and circular arguments.

Yes, keep Rosemond, but run only his photo with a graphic image: the 1960s with a slash through it.

Sally Wasielewski