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Letters: Praise for UK student protesters; ‘Herald-Leader is a propaganda machine’

UK student protesters speak with President Capilouto on demands

Over 100 University of Kentucky students with the Black Student Advisory Council and Basic Needs Campaign met with Uk President Eli Capilouto on a number of issues and demands ranging from food insecurity to racism on campus.
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Over 100 University of Kentucky students with the Black Student Advisory Council and Basic Needs Campaign met with Uk President Eli Capilouto on a number of issues and demands ranging from food insecurity to racism on campus.

Historical caution

I congratulate student protesters at the University of Kentucky for taking real action concerning student problems of food add housing need. I share their concern and upon my death have funded a scholarship fund for needy students from Harlan and Bell counties.

I understand their concern with the Ann Rice O’Hanlon mural at Memorial Hall depicting a African-American slaves doing agricultural labor in Fayette County and a Native American. Some of them advocated its destruction.

The artist did not invent these sad episodes in our history and destruction does nothing to erase or change them.

We should all be aware of the ugly history of destruction of art. In the 1930s, Diego Rivera, probably the greatest muralist in North American history, was commissioned by the Rockefeller family to install a mural in Rockefeller Center in New York. The result was Man at the Crossroads, which included a portrayal of Vladimir Lenin. Rivera refused an order to remove that portrayal and the work was ultimately destroyed.

Also in the 1930s, after coming to power in Germany the Nazis destroyed what they regarded as degenerate art including works by Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso. These are not behaviors any university should emulate.

Paul F. Guthrie, Lexington

Waiting for ... what?

Decades ago, Bob Dylan warned against the kind of false expectations that would come to attend the climax of two years of waiting for the Mueller report. “Everybody’s in despair, every girl and boy,” Dylan sang. “But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here, everybody’s gonna jump for joy.” Well, Quinn the Eskimo never arrives.

Robert J. Rabel, Lexington

Newspaper ‘propaganda’

The Herald-Leader is a propaganda machine. To allow the Herald-Leader to be recognized as a journalistic enterprise is a disservice to the few mistaken Kentuckians who view its tripe as news. When a newspaper hides everything positive about the president of the United States on the back page, but exploits his every misstep in bold headlines on the front page, can this liberal bastion of nonsense be trusted? To think so gives it an imprimatur of respectability it does not deserve. If the Herald-Leader wants to be treated like a legitimate news organization, a simple suggestion: act like one.

One last thought. If the Democratic National Committee bars Fox News from its debates and refuses to extend itself to Fox coverage, I wonder if it might it be that it lacks the courage to recognize Democrats’ poor past performances and the dismal lack of a viable candidate.

Pat Nussbaum, Nicholasville

Biden controversy

An aspect of the controversy over former Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores and unwelcome physical contact with former Vice-President Joe Biden needs to be discussed. It’s not the veracity of her claims; plenty of evidence supports the idea that Biden is a touchy-feely kind of guy.

I have known people who, like Biden, are very physically expressive. I’m like Flores; I am not comfortable with being on the receiving end of that. Often I would not mention my discomfort, as I knew no offense was intended. There have been times when I did have to say something when the contact was repeated and, I felt, inappropriate to the workplace.

The situation Flores describes is as follows: The vice-president came to a campaign event to support her election bid. There was an interaction that made her uncomfortable. She said nothing to Biden at the time, and after the event did not communicate to him at any point that the interaction made her uncomfortable.

If she had made some effort to take her concerns to Biden and been rebuffed, I would call her brave for going public. If she went public and took no other steps to address the issue, then I think she is more self-serving than brave.

Scott Land, Perryville

Just think about it

I think every person knows that if the Mueller report totally cleared President Donald Trump and his family, it would have been published in every single newspaper and Trump would probably have made it required reading for every citizen. The fact that it is taking so long to publish this report and to allow the American taxpayers to see it only proves one thing — Trump and his family are not totally exonerated.

Linda D. Hall, Lexington