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Letters: Kennedy’s demolition nothing to sing about; abortion ruling counter to rights

Kennedy’s bookstore demolished for new parking, retail spaces

Kennedy's bookstore on South Limestone avenue closed its doors Dec. 22, 2017, and was fully demolished on April 9, 2019.
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Kennedy's bookstore on South Limestone avenue closed its doors Dec. 22, 2017, and was fully demolished on April 9, 2019.

Nothing to sing about

They tore down Kennedy’s and put up a parking lot.


Joseph and Mary Ann (Erb) Burgess, University of Kentucky ‘64, Frankfort

Retool loan forgiveness program

I am an active duty sailor in the U.S. Navy and my home of record is in Lexington. I am serving my nation with honor in the global war on terrorism. 

I’m writing about the federal student loan forgiveness program. I carry a relatively small amount of federal loan debt, roughly $44,000, and have trouble making payments even on my military salary. This forgiveness program was one of the factors that led me to my recruiter in 2010. 

I read a Los Angeles Times article, “Education Department rejects nearly all applicants for a student loan forgiveness program”, and was utterly dismayed. The article states that of the 38,460 applicants to the program (which has $700 million in funding), only 262 people have been accepted for the program. Each of the 38,460 applicants have given 10 years of service to our nation on a promise of relief, only to have over 99 percent of them ignored. 

Tricking vulnerable people with a stick and carrot is as un-American as it gets. I urge Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul to streamline the process to protect our patriotic citizens and service members. 

If they want to help reduce military and veteran suicides, I offer my legislators this avenue.

Brian Spalding, Lexington

Ruling counter to rights

What kind of U.S. appeals court judge would rule that it’s OK for the government to force doctors to perform medically unnecessary procedures in the treatment of any patient? Judge John Bush, a well-known ideologue on the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, has set a dangerous precedent by ruling in favor of a law apparently designed to appease political opponents of Roe v. Wade. By interfering with a doctor/patient treatment, Bush’s ruling undoubtedly violates the doctors’ First Amendment rights and women’s constitutional right to privacy.

Perhaps the Republicans who spent their time and taxpayer dollars figuring out a way to bully doctors and pregnant women could have been working on a way to help Kentucky’s abused and neglected children. The accounts of unwanted, unloved children experiencing years of torture are heartbreaking, and Kentucky has one of the highest ranks among the states for child abuse and neglect.

Shirley Baechtold, Richmond

Medicare no panacea

Medicare Parts A, B and D walked into a hospital room. The patient left.

I wonder if those advocating Medicare for all are enrolled in Medicare’s confusing medical cost coverage. No wonder the patient left. Part A covers some, but not all hospital costs; Part B covers some, but not all medical costs; and Part D covers some, but not all, medicine costs. Medicare is free? No. The patient’s only recourse is to pay for an insurance plan that combines the alphabetical coverage and fills in its gaps. Again, Medicare’s medical cost coverage is confusing and it’s not free. Medicare for all? Time to talk about something else, anything else.

Susan Hopkins, Lexington

Take a look at Scandinavia

When the president of the United States, editorial writers and those who write letters to the editor want to scare us about democratic socialism, they warn us of the dictatorial version of it in Venezuela. Why don’t they bring up one of the Scandinavian democracies? Because then they would have to mention that they have universal social security, extended unemployment insurance for all, and governmental sponsored child care for working parents. They also have universal health care and virtually free university education to help prepare people for the shift to technical jobs that will replace most of today’s factory jobs.

But isn’t our healthcare the best in the world? Their life expectancy is higher than ours is. Their infant mortality is lower than ours is. Fewer mothers die in child birth than in the United States.

But don’t socialist counties discourage enterprising businesses? The most famous furniture factory in the world, IKEA, is located in Sweden. Sweden makes the Volvo and the Saab. And one of the most popular building toys, Legos, comes from Denmark.

But perhaps most important, research shows that residents of Denmark, Sweden and Norway are among the happiest people in the world.

Tom Zentall, Lexington