Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Looking forward to fiction, conspiracy theories in Trump visit


President Donald Trump is now coming to Kentucky to support Gov. Matt Bevin in his re-election campaigns. Before he arrives, I wonder how many fictitious and fanciful conspiracies he’ll launch on the American public. I also wonder if Sen. Mitch McConnell, up for re-election in 2020, and Bevin also believe that windmills cause cancer, Muslim-Americans celebrated in the New Jersey streets on 9/11, global warming is a Chinese hoax, and that China is paying for all the tariffs Trump has imposed on Chinese imports. Let’s see how many lyrical yarns the president can spin before he touches down in Kentucky.

Gene Lockhart, Lexington

Tariff tactic a bust

Make no mistake, the 10 percent tariff on $300 billion of Chinese imports is a $30 billion tax increase on the American people. I wonder if anyone really thinks the Chinese will not raise the prices on their goods to cover the tariff.

President Donald Trump’s strategy of making controversial noises and then backing away from them is now well-known. The Chinese have no reason to think he won’t back away from this $30 billion threat as well; Trump has already delayed some of the tariffs until December. He needs to come up with a new bargaining strategy. This one will no longer work.

Bob Crovo, Lexington

Donations to miners

As a member of Lexington’s Heritage Baptist Church, I want to think everyone who contributed to our school supplies drive for the miners affected by the Blackjewel coal company’s bankruptcy.

We hit Facebook running, made flyers to hand out and publicized the drive. Then we set up our church bus in a parking lot to fill with school supplies, and the people of Central Kentucky did not disappoint us.

Many times, people who stopped to donate told us their story on how they related to Harlan County or to a coal miner. Many, many people had roots from Eastern Kentucky and they gave gladly.

When we pulled into the parking lot of the Harlan County High School to hand out the supplies and miners, their wives and children piled out to greet us, it was amazing.

We also went to the railroad tracks to meet with several miners to get directly from them what this hardship has meant to them and their families.We found a tent city. These miners don’t have the gas money to go back and forth home from their time on the tracks, so they just stay there taking their turn.

Terry Aldridge, Lexington

McConnell ‘ineffective’

“I can’t wait,” Sen. Mitch McConnell said regarding his campaign to be re-elected to our U.S. Senate. “There’s nothing I like better than engaging these crazy left-wingers and saving this country,” he said. “And we’re going to do precisely that.”

What about those crazies who are killing our children? McConnell has been postponing taking on mass shooter assassins since the 1989 Standard Gravure massacre in his hometown.

For 30 years, McConnell has been ineffective in protecting our people from mass shootings. Talk, thoughts and prayers have not done the job of saving our people or our country.

Although McConnell has the power to reconvene the Senate, now he seems to want to wait until after recess. That’s pretty scary considering the situation has become so serious that his delays threaten our children as they return to classrooms and prepare for possible attacks.

The only leader in Kentucky is the Herald-Leader.

Jamie Kirven, Lexington

Goodbye, Columbus Day

With October and Columbus Day just around the corner and as a Native American, I am suggesting that the people of Kentucky petition to remove that day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day. Let us celebrate the true discoverers of this country… the people who were here first. Besides, the truth is that Christopher Columbus never set foot on this continent. The closest he got was the Bahamas and the only thing he did there was make friends with the islanders, then return to torture, rape, and kill them, looking for gold. Is this someone we should give a holiday to? Let us follow the example of other progressive states and change this day to actually mean something. Let us all petition our elected state officials to honor our Native American brothers and sisters.

Douglas Whiteraven, Yeaddis