Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: This ‘granny’ says more ‘granny flats’ would be good for Lexington

A “granny flat” accessory dwelling unit in Portland, Ore. Lexington is considering allowing similar units in most Lexington neighborhoods.
A “granny flat” accessory dwelling unit in Portland, Ore. Lexington is considering allowing similar units in most Lexington neighborhoods. Photo submitted

Yes to ‘granny flats’

As a “granny” in Fayette County, I am extremely interested in Lexington-Fayette County Urban County Council’s consideration of an ordinance allowing “granny flats” or accessory dwelling units.

My daughter could not find affordable housing near me, so I asked her to move in with me. Because mothers and daughters often have differing opinions about how things should be done, I know we would probably appreciate separate living quarters. I have my own home which, fortunately, has a partially finished basement. Eventually, I would like to legally finish my basement with full-size kitchen appliances instead of using a dangerous hot-plate, counter-top convection oven and microwave to fix food.

With the severe shortage of decent, affordable rental properties in Lexington, permitting “granny flats” or ADUs could give older folks like me the less-expensive option of being able to stay in our homes longer. It would also allow older children who might need assistance of any type to have a place to live under the aegis of their family.

Well-written regulations are the key. Unregulated rentals are a problem, but the three-mile radius around the University of Kentucky, suggested in Dave Cooper’s opinion piece, would extend well beyond most of New Circle Road.

Phyllis O’Dell, Lexington

Statue not an invitation

In a recent story about the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, both sides missed the point. Lady Liberty was dedicated in 1886, entitled “Liberty Enlightening the World”. It was not “Liberty Inviting the World”. The message was directed outward, that liberty should spread from America’s shores. The people who financed, designed, built, donated, and erected the statue did not have immigration in mind. That usurpation came only in 1903, when a plaque of Emma Lazarus’ poem “The New Colossus”, written to help raise money for the statue’s construction, was donated and added to the pedestal.

Jack Peele, Lexington


Now I’ve heard just about everything. One of the most far-left places in the country, both geographically and politically, has gone even further. In order to be more “gender neutral”, Berkeley, California, no longer has manholes or manhole covers. They are maintenance holes. Manpower is now replaced by “human effect” and fraternity and sorority houses at the University of California, Berkeley, are now “collegiate Greek system residences. So now when you enter into college you can ask your classmates “what collegiate Greek system are you going rush for. Or you will decide on a weekend which collegiate Greek system gathering you want to go to. My mom and dad would roll over in their graves. Oh, my mistake. I mean “my parental units”…

Mike Sweeney, Lexington

Double standard

With the spat between our governor and lieutenant governor a question comes to mind. If Gov. Matt Bevin can fire Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton’s staffer for not resigning his post before running for office then it seems he should hold his own running mate to the same standard. Shouldn’t Bevin insist running mate Ralph Alvarado resign from the state Senate to run for lieutenant governor?

Jay Hopkins, Frankfort

Are we over it?

I wonder if Kentuckians, especially rural ones, have had a bellyful of the racist, sexist, authoritarian white male Republican Party. I wonder if for starters, voters will throw out Gov. Matt Bevin, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and President Donald Trump.

Republicans are ripping up/outsourcing government to destroy public health care, education, jobs, pensions/Social Security — turning anything publicly funded into for-profits.

McConnell met with miners with black lung disease only briefly when they used their precious time and money to go to Washington D.C. I wonder if miners will fall again for the Friends of Coal baloney that allows coal owners to declare bankruptcy, keeping their wealth and miners’ hard-earned money.

McConnell obstructed President Barack Obama’s legislation and is now blocking more than 100 Democratic House bills. Trump is gutting anything Obama by naming billionaires/lobbyists to his cabinet and to head federal agencies.

McConnell is blocking legislation that would secure elections and voting for the 2020 elections and gleefully stacking the federal judicial system with young, inexperienced lifetime extremist judges after blocking Obama’s nominees.

Democracy is threatened. Kentuckians can save it. Will the real Kentucky please stand up?

Ramona Rush, Lexington