Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Reader offers some Bible lessons for Matt Bevin

Bevin and the Bible

So, Gov. Matt Bevin made a big show of supporting “Bring Your Bible to School Day”. Hey governor, it’s not enough to tote your Bible around. You’re supposed to read it, obey God’s rules, and follow the teachings of Christ. For example, “Thou shalt not lie.” It’s one of those commandments you folks are so crazy about posting in schools and other publicly owned places. Where’s those tax returns you promised to show us if you got elected?

Calling Franklin County Circuit Judge Philip Shepherd “an incompetent hack” just because he didn’t rule the way you wanted him to, that was a lie, too. And, Jesus said that if you deny healthcare to anyone, it’s the same as if you denied it to him. And, the same rule applies for not welcoming immigrants. So, you can make as big of a show as you want, and call yourself a “Christian” till the cows come home, but from where I sit, you’re just a big ol’ hypocrite.

Greg Kring, Lexington

The Biden situation

When then-Vice President Joe Biden did not take action to prevent his son Hunter from being placed on the board of a Ukrainian company, he allowed U.S. foreign policy to be compromised. It does seem as the then-vice president’s family benefited from U.S. foreign policy. This suggests corruption and is what President Donald Trump should have mentioned. This would not have involved any foreign nations in our election.

At some point, our leaders need to show us that they understand what they are doing in office. I’m simply not seeing this. We are supposed to do our own due diligence, allow for due process and allow for the rule of law.

As a country it has become about what we want and then blaming someone else if we don’t get our way. In many ways ancient Rome was like this, and in the meantime, serious issues are being ignored.

James Lindgaard, Lexington

Letter writer shows ignorance

This is in response to a recent letter writer who suggested that the University of Kentucky should commission a painting that would show what life is like for African Americans and other minorities living in cities under Democratic control. He then asked the question: “When was the last time the university did something to appease the conservative students on campus?”

The writer seems to be under the assumption that the majority of people of color living in the United States are drug users and murderers, are living in public housing, attend under-performing schools, and live in food deserts. He sounds just like a President Donald Trump conservative, because how he came up with the idea that painting such a mural would please conservative students is beyond me. It is obvious that this man doesn’t know any African Americans at all. If he did, he wouldn’t have written such an ignorant and racist letter.

Yolanda Averette, Lexington

‘No sense of decency’

As a Kentucky voter, I am constantly amazed at Sen. Mitch McConnell’s weakness, lack of independence, and his excuses, as he and his colleagues continue to remain silent regarding an unfit and criminal president.

The question before the people remains: When will he and his colleagues have an iota of courage to put country over party and rule of law over a lawless brigand who has sullied our country and should be impeached and convicted or removed by the 25th Amendment.

Since when do we condone the use of presidential extortion regarding the trading of weapons for political dirt? When is McConnell going to recognize that our foreign policy is inept, unbalanced, and dangerous?

How can McConnell be satisfied with the following:

An ongoing tariff war, which is fruitless, unrealistic and endangering our economy

Trump’s trashing of our allies, our hemispheric neighbors and NATO

His unholy relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and dictators around the world

His confused policy, and lies with regards to Iraq, ISIS, the Kurds, along with his threats regarding Turkey

In the words of lawyer Joseph Welch to Sen. Joseph McCarthy: “Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

Chad Elliott, Lexington