Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: More election letters before Kentuckians go to the polls

Vote. It’s important.

Your vote matters. Be sure to vote on Nov. 5.

Still wondering who to vote for in the upcoming election? The League of Women Voters (LWV) is a nonpartisan organization, with a mission to educate voters so they can make their best decisions at the polls.

The LWV encourages voters to be well informed when they cast their ballots. Before going to the polls, voters should educate themselves by learning about candidate positions and by considering the following questions:

1. Get a description of the position. Look at the candidate’s qualifications. Does she or he have the experience and knowledge needed for the job?

2. Does the candidate have a solid plan? What are the details? Are the plans reasonable?

3. Does the candidate have the leadership skills needed for this position?

4. Do you agree with what the candidate plans to do?

The internet offers many resources for information about the candidates. The following list of links will help provide voters with the information needed to make their voices heard at the polls. If you get to the poll and there is a question about your ballot, ask the poll workers to give you a provisional ballot. Whatever else you do on Nov. 5, go out and vote.

League of Women Voters Voting Information: www.LWVLexington.com, www.Vote411.org

Courier Journal Voter Guide: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/politics/elections/2019/09/10/kentucky-elections-voter-registration-where-to-vote-when-is-election-day/1793309001/

Family Trust Foundation of Kentucky Voter Guide: www.VoteKentucky.us

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth Voter Guide: www.KentuckyElection.org

Jennifer Jackson, Chair of Voter Services, League of Women Voters of Lexington

Bevin a leader with results

The debates for governor are over and voters have clear choices. On the one hand, there’s an old-line liberal who thinks the answer to Kentucky’s problems can be fixed with more gambling, abortion on demand and political promises. Gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear is from the “Capitol crowd” as heir-apparent to the same philosophy that’s retarded the commonwealth for the last 100 years. Everyone who thinks getting high and gambling more often offers a financial solution to complex problems should try it for awhile; they’ll go broke. Beshear’s plan is nothing more than a battery of slick promises without merit. Gov. Matt Bevin, vociferous as he is, has still shown strong leadership regarding economic growth, job development, opiate reduction, new businesses and pension reform. He’s the only governor in 40 years that’s even tried to fix the pension mess, something he inherited. He’s an outsider and not in the “old-boy club” which gives Kentuckians every reason to vote for him. He’s military and knows how to lead and has led for four years. Stale Democratic promises from the same old crowd won’t fix Kentucky.

To quote Bernard Baruch, a Democrat, “Vote for the man who promises least; he’ll be the least disappointing”.

Robert Adams, Lexington

Beshear has Kentucky’s back

This is why I’m voting for gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear and against Gov. Matt Bevin on Nov. 5.

Beshear’s record as our attorney general has shown he fights for victims in this state like no other elected official. He is a born-and-bred Kentuckian who understands Kentucky, its people and truly cares about us in a way no outsider ever could. When he promises something, you can take it to the bank that he will do everything in his power to see it through. He fights for everyday Kentuckians and will continue to do the same as governor. He won’t just be a governor for the rich and powerful.

As governor, Bevin has implemented or tried to implement policies reducing state government services; strangling Kentucky public schools while promoting for-profit charter schools; eliminating coal mine safety inspections and getting rid of the Kynect healthcare exchange, which resulted in thousands of Kentuckians losing their healthcare. His proposed changes to Medicaid will cost we the taxpayers $272 million and kick more people off their coverage, according to a Kentucky Center for Economic Policy analyst.

Please vote for Beshear. Kentucky lives literally depend on it.

Stephanie Dunaway, Ashland

Ignore Trump sideshow

I’m sure you have heard by now that Gov. Matt Bevin is bringing President Donald Trump to rally his base on the eve of Election Day. This can only be viewed as one thing: a last-ditch effort to gin up his base and stand shoulder to shoulder with his cronies. Don’t let this sideshow distract you.

Neither Trump or Bevin know what matters to Kentuckians because they aren’t from here. They use short, sharp, fear-mongering messages to distract us all. Families in Kentucky are worried about rising healthcare costs, earning enough to raise their families, public education, and the future of their pensions. But instead of looking out for Kentuckians, Bevin has been using the governor’s office and taxpayer dollars to enrich himself and his fair-weather friends. We have to stay focused on what really matters — that’s making Bevin a one-term governor.

Leah Childs, Frankfort

A question for Bevin

When a candidate for a second term has no achievements to brag about and no plans to fix the things he bungled — public schools, pensions, healthcare, to name a few, he goes backward and resurrects the old standby attacks: Abortion! Liberal! Nancy Pelosi! Migration!

Voters, before you give Bevin your vote based on your anti-abortion status, ask the governor this question:

Governor Bevin, do you want to repeal women’s rights and go back to a time when only wealthy women could afford safe abortions? Poor women had no safe options, and 200,000 women died from self-aborting or illegal abortions. Women also bled to death when doctors were unwilling to operate on those of us with ectopic pregnancies.

In the 60s’ I was diagnosed with “kidney stones,” treated coldly, and dismissed from a Lexington hospital. Days later, I had emergency surgery to remove my fallopian tube with its attached fetus before it burst.

How arrogantly Republican men conspire to rob women of their constitutional rights. Without medical knowledge and without concern for victims of rape and incest, they make laws without regard for the irreparable damage their ignorance and lust for power may cause.

Shirley Baechtold, Richmond

Support for Judge Goodman

For the last three years, I’ve mediated cases in Judge Goodman’s court and watched Judge Goodman interacting with anxious people who appear before her without a lawyer to probate a will and open administration of an estate. She is patient, kind and reassuring, and people leave relived anf feeling good about the judicial system. Please join me in voting for Judge Goodman on Nov. 5

William H. Fortune, Lexington

Stumbo best choice

I am a retired teacher with 30 years of service who attended every day of the regular 2019 legislative session, the 2019 working pension group committee meetings, most all of the 2018 special session and some of the 2017 special session. Retired teachers observed legislation pushed through via manipulation, cementing deals that profited corporations for the wealthiest able to purchase legislative favor and putting our democracy at risk.

Democratic attorney general candidate Greg Stumbo will fight such blatant actions against our commonwealth. He supported public education, working Kentucky families, veterans and public service employees when serving as speaker of the House and Kentucky’s attorney general. He established the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation to combat the opioid epidemic and fought public corruption.

Unlike his opponent, he has practiced law in Kentucky for over 40 years and written laws when serving as a state legislator. He has a proven record of courtroom experience as a private attorney and prosecutor. Kentuckians need an experienced, steady hand in the attorney general’s office who works for the people.

Please vote Stumbo for attorney general. He will fight for the people of Kentucky just like he did before.

Cathy Carter, Harrodsburg

Adams more qualified

Recently, I became interested in the secretary of state race. I looked at both candidates’ websites and was stunned to learn this is a contested race. Having been a candidate for office, I had the opportunity to work directly with the secretary’s office.

For those who aren’t aware of what the office does, first, it oversees elections.This is a highly sensitive job.

Next, the office oversees all business filings and maintains these records. These bases for businesses are not to be taken lightly.

The secretary’s office also oversees candidate filings. There are complex legal situations that arise when candidates withdraw from races, contest signatures, and challenge candidates’ qualifications to be on the ballot. This happened to attorney general candidate Daniel Cameron.

Democratic secretary of state candidate Heather French Henry has helped veterans. As a veteran, I am grateful for that, but helping veterans and overseeing elections statewide do not compare.

After reading Republican candidate Michael Adams’ website, I was impressed. He attended Harvard and spent his career in election law with some of the best in the field.

We have one candidate with no election experience and another who spent his career working in the field he’s running for. Vote for Adams.

Jake Viano, Nicholasville