Q&A with Clippers' Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: 'I feel like I'm on top of the world'

Here is a transcript, supplied by the NBA and ASAPsports, of former University of Kentucky star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's interview after being drafted by the Charlotte Hornets with the 11th overall NBA Draft pick and then being traded to the Los Angeles Clippers:

SHAI GILGEOUS-ALEXANDER: I'm a playmaking guard, pass-first point guard. Likes to get teammates involved. Good leader. Likable guy. I'm really just willing to do whatever the team needs me to do to win.

Q: What was that moment like? Was it everything you expected, and sort of the aftermath with the trade and everything, what was that experience like as well?

SHAI GILGEOUS-ALEXANDER: Yeah, I was ecstatic to be going to Charlotte, to be going to the NBA really. It's a great feeling, and whoever I got drafted by, I was going to feel really good. And then figuring out I was going to go to the Clippers was even a better feeling. I feel like I fit really well with them and had a great workout and dinner with those guys and feel really comfortable. I guess I feel like I'm on top of the world.

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Q: Talk about the progression of Canadian basketball players and with the recent boom, you've got Andrew Wiggins doing his thing in the NBA and now you're entering. Talk about the progression Canadian basketball players have had and where you expect this to go with you guys' continuing success?

SHAI GILGEOUS-ALEXANDER: I feel like we're on the rise. I guess over the past couple years we've gotten a lot more resources and more exposure to basketball over here. The world is starting to realize how good we are at basketball. I don't think it'll stop soon. There is a lot of good kids over there that have a good potential. I think we'll be really good. I think this is just the beginning.

Q: Where did you get your suit?

SHAI GILGEOUS-ALEXANDER: When I was getting fitted for my suit, I had no intentions of getting something like this. I wanted to look nice, but nothing this crazy. I noticed there was this square of fabric on the table next to me while I was getting fitted. It had this pattern and this color. I tried it on the trim of my jacket at first. I liked that a little bit and then I tried the whole jacket and figured out I really liked it. Then I put the whole suit together and fell in love.

Q: Will we get to see that again when you're playing?

SHAI GILGEOUS-ALEXANDER: No, I'm going to put this one up. But you might see something crazy on the road when I'm playing.

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