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Bartender learns not to mess with John Calipari’s oldest daughter

Erin Calipari
Erin Calipari

Erin Calipari, the oldest daughter of Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari, took on a loud-mouth bartender last year at a New York restaurant and made such an impression on the man, he recently wrote a blog post about it.

Joselph Dalfonso, a sports blogger at detailed the incident last April in a post Tuesday titled “Embarrassing myself in front of John Calipari’s daughter.”

After the story was posted, Erin Calipari confirmed it all on Twitter.

“LMAO. This is exactly how it happened too,” she tweeted.

Last April, a restaurant patron who was not particularly a sports fan had just watched the Calipari “30 for 30” documentary on ESPN and asked her bartender, Dalfonso, if he knew who Calipari was.

“I have some very strong feelings about the coach of Kentucky. The word ‘loathe’ is an excellent word to describe how I feel about this coach … ,” Dalfonso wrote. “As I was telling Mary this, I, in so many words, called him a ‘cheat,’ a ‘crook,’ and ‘scum of the earth.’ I firmly stated he wasn’t a good coach. If he was, he would’ve won more championships with the teams he’s been able to recruit at Kentucky.”

Unfortunately for Dalfonso, Erin Calipari, who is an associate professor at Vanderbilt University, was seated in a booth nearby. She heard all of it.

Erin Calipari interjected by asking Dalfonso who he thought was a good coach. He replied with Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski. Calipari listed some of Duke’s early-tournament exits, prompting Dalfonso to ask if she was a North Carolina fan.

“No, I’m John Calipari’s daughter,” she said.

Mortified, Dalfonso says he turned away and Googled her. He found her Twitter account where she posted about the incident.

“Like the good millennial I am, I twitted back at her apologizing. She “lolled” and we went on our merry ways. No harm, no foul. She was very cool about it and she didn’t need to be.”

Erin Calipari also tweeted Tuesday that incidents like the one at the bar happen to her and her siblings all the time.

“A large portion of my life has been coming to terms with how much people hate my family,” she tweeted. “This isn’t like ‘oh I don’t know how I feel about them.’ This is loathing. ... I adore my family. They are the most supportive caring people I have ever met. So when I was young it made no sense to me where this was coming from.”