Letters to the Editor

Setting it straight

The response to my Nov. 4 letter confirmed the very point I hoped would lead to a major discussion on several issues which politicians quietly control in our society. My comments regarding teaching biology came directly from two University of Kentucky biology professors on a local public radio program that is well known for its open and thoughtful discussions. One professor teaches to general college majors and the other to medical majors. It appears to me that someone must ensure medical students are taught from a strictly scientific source that leaves out quackery.

I did, inadvertently, refer to local schools when my intent was to state that nationally, white students in the lower grades are outnumbered by students of color. My other topic is directly related to the first (skin color), where the courses on geography seem to list all major discoveries of land masses as being made by white men without stating that planet Earth was populated by black people, generally from East Africa. Many stopped on their way west and populated the European countries, where environmental changes produced their white skin.

Bob Haynes