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Letters: Blame Bevin, not teachers for child’s death; Pelosi “doesn’t think straight”

Blame gov, not teachers

For Gov. Matt Bevin to blame the teachers’ “sickout” for the death of a child is not only disingenuous, but outright wrong, considering the fact that the “sickout” would not even have occurred if Bevin had not been trying to dismantle the teachers’ pension system in the first place. The blame resides with Bevin alone. This, along with his other selfish and greed-guided goals, is symptomatic of why he is the most unpopular governor in the entire nation.

Stephen Howell, Lexington

Bevin’s baloney

Gov. Matt Bevin and President Donald Trump think alike. Which is to say they don’t think — at least not before speaking. Bevin’s most recent nonsensical, total baloney utterance is that the tragic shooting of a seven-year old girl by another child in Louisville is the fault of teachers who were in Frankfort protesting his pension and other public school proposals. The person to blame is the relative who was babysitting these children and carelessly left a handgun easily accessible. But our governor, just like our president, is always looking for scapegoats.

Jack Blanton, Lexington

City safety recommendations

Upon this year’s recent tenth homicide in our beloved city, not only our neighbors living daily in fear of gun violence in historic East End but throughout most neighborhoods would disagree with the April 24 Herald-Leader article, “Lexington named by website as the 3rd safest city in the country”.

After listening to numerous stories of how hundreds of our citizens live with threat of random gun violence; “we stay in back of our homes, keep our kids inside, don’t walk after sundown”, and most tragic “bury our dead”, Building a United Interfaith Lexington through Direct Action (BUILD) initiated its “Violence Must Stop — Now!” campaign four-plus years ago. Contracts were signed in late 2018 and National Network for Safe Communities (NNSC) experts met with local officials in January to begin a detailed analysis of the violent crime in Lexington and to suggest recommendations to make our city safer for all.

NNSC recently submitted their report to our city leaders and it will be presented at BUILD’s Nehemiah Action Assembly on May 7 at 7 p.m. in Heritage Hall (free parking in the High Street lot). Every concerned citizen needs to be present.

Judith K. Maxson, Lexington

Pelosi not making sense

What is wrong with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? She doesn’t think straight. Doesn’t she know there are people all over the world that are waiting for a chance to wipe us off the map? Does she really want thousands of folks to flood into America without knowing how many terrorists or other bad killers have slipped in with them? We must protect our border. A few of those people are mothers with children but most are young men, the easiest to radicalize. Pelosi might think she is totally safe in her walled mansion, but those men love their bombs and she is vulnerable. They might even prefer hitting important folks like her before bothering with deplorables like the rest of us.

Helen Martin, Richmond

Not a cable fan

I don’t actually watch TV but I am now joining the ranks of those who hate their cable companies. MetroNet, without knocking and without any advance notice, came into my backyard and trampled my flower beds even though I had wire cages around a number of lilies to prevent rabbits eating the foliage. The company’s worker just ignored the cages, knocked them over and trampled the flowers anyway. As all flower gardeners know, lily bulbs are planted (and purchased) in the fall and once they are broken off, there is no bloom for another year after another dismal, gray, rainy Kentucky winter. To make the job more fun, the worker also broke a glass gazing ball, left the sharp pieces around and acted surprised when I pointed it out in his path of devastation.

The yard is surrounded by a privacy fence and locked gates. I demanded to know how the worker got in. At first he pretended he didn’t understand, then admitted hopping a lower section of the fence. (The locked gate is now loose from the post. I suspect he yanked and yanked and pulled it away as well).

Sally Wasielewski, Lexington

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