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To help determine how many stars a Kentucky school received in the state’s new assessment system, each Kentucky school earned a final score based on students’ test results in reading and math and several other indicators.

The maximum overall score for elementary and middle schools is 188.8 and the maximum overall score for high schools is 123.5. No schools achieved those scores, but many did well and they are listed in order below.

Top elementary schools by overall score

Murray Ind.Murray Elem495.8
McCrackenReidland Elem590.7
McCrackenLone Oak Elem590.2
MeadeFlaherty Primary School590.1
McCrackenHendron Lone Oak Elem589.1
KnoxG R Hampton Elem588.5
MeadeBrandenburg Primary487.4
Corbin Ind.Corbin Intermediate586.1
Anchorage Ind.Anchorage Public Sch.585.6
FayetteSCAPA At Bluegrass584.6
LaurelSublimity Elem584.6
LaurelHunter Hills Elem584.3
PikeValley Elem583.5
JeffersonNorton Elem583.2
McLeanMarie Gatton Phillips Elem583.2

Bottom elementary schools

JeffersonGilmore Lane Elem139.5
JeffersonWellington Elem139.5
JeffersonGreenwood Elem139
JeffersonWatson Lane Elem139
JeffersonEngelhard Elem138.9
JeffersonMill Creek Elem137.6
JeffersonKennedy Mont. Elem136.4
JeffersonFrayser Elem135.8
JeffersonCane Run Elem134.8
JeffersonColeridge-Taylor Mont.134.1
JeffersonByck Elem133.1
JeffersonWheatley Elem131.3
JeffersonKing Elem130.7
JeffersonRoosevelt-Perry Elem123.1
JeffersonMaupin Elem122.5

Top middle schools

Fayette SCAPA At Bluegrass585
Bell Bell Central Center580.1
Jefferson J. Graham Brown 579.2
Anchorage Ind.Anchorage Ind. Public 578.9
Murray Ind.Murray 578.7
Warren Drakes Creek 477.4
Lawrence Blaine Elem 577.3
Warren South Warren 477.3
Lyon Lyon County 576.7
Nelson Boston 576.1
Oldham North Oldham 475.5
Jefferson Barret Traditional 575.1
Pike Valley Elem 574.9
Corbin Ind.Corbin 474.6
Fayette Edythe Jones Hayes 474.6
Leslie W B Muncy Elem 574.6
Woodford Woodford County 474.6
Perry Viper Elem 574.1

Bottom middle schools

Jefferson Marion C. Moore 150.1
West Point Ind.West Point Elem 150.1
Fairview Ind.Fairview High 149.6
Jefferson Knight 147.9
Jefferson Newburg 147.8
Jefferson Robert Frost 6th Acad.147.6
Boone Rector A. Jones 144.5
Covington Ind.Holmes 144.5
Knott Cordia 144.1
Jefferson Thomas Jefferson 140.5
Jefferson Conway 139.5
Fulton Fulton County 139.1
Silver Grove Ind.Silver Grove 136.9
Jefferson Stuart Academy135.6
Jefferson Frederick Olmsted North134.9

Top high schools

Jefferson duPont Manual597.4
Beechwood IndBeechwood 593.3
Jackson IndJackson City Sch.588.8
Jefferson J. Graham Brown488.2
Fort Thomas IndHighlands 488.1
Oldham North Oldham 487.7
Murray IndMurray 584.7
Oldham South Oldham 483.2
Pikeville IndPikeville 581.9
Madison Model Laboratory 581.6
Warren South Warren 481.5
Walton-Verona IndWalton-Verona 580.6
Boone Larry A. Ryle 479.2
Russell IndRussell 478.8
Campbell Campbell Co. 378.4

Bottom high schools

Fayette Bryan Station 145.6
Jefferson Fern Creek145.5
Jefferson Central High Acad.144.5
Caverna IndCaverna 142.7
Jefferson Valley141.7
Jefferson Southern140.6
Jefferson Marion C. Moore139.8
Jefferson Waggener139.6
Jefferson Seneca138.6
Jefferson Academy @ Shawnee137.3
Knott Cordia135.7
Jefferson Doss132.6
Jefferson Western128.2
Jefferson Iroquois119.6

Teacher Taylor Knoblett works with students in her third grade class at Garth Elementary School in Scott County on Monday. Garth was one of 20 schools to have at least a 10-point gain in proficiency from 2017-18 to 2018-19. Ryan C. Hermens
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